Issue #537

September 25th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Denis Buketa teaches how to set up alarms in your Android apps using the AlarmManager API, and about the exact and inexact alarm types as well as best practices.
Want to finally address the ANRs that are tanking your Google Play Store ranking? In this eBook, we’ll highlight the best way for mobile teams to solve the most costly ANRs. If you're tired of staring at useless Google Play Console stack traces, then this eBook is for you.
Bill Phillips unpacks some code that demonstrates at least three tricky coroutines ideas into four short lines of code.
Simon Wirtz looks at scope functions that are part of the Kotlin library, and in which scenarios each can be used.
Mobile DevOps Summit 2022 is a one-day, virtual conference powered by Bitrise that brings together over 2500 mobile practitioners and global business leaders to discuss unique challenges faced by mobile teams. Be part of the conversation where mobile thought leaders and industry experts discuss how they build, test, release, monitor, and collaborate on their mobile apps.
Yury shows how GitHub’s code scanning feature allows you to scan and display warnings and errors directly in the GitHub interface without the need for bots.
Aleksandar Zekovic examines what the coroutine creation process looks like.
Over the course of 6 weeks, over 11,000 lines of Java code within the QuickSearchBox app were converted to Kotlin to showcase best practices in Android development and provide the functionality of the QuickSearchBox app with Kotlin-first in mind.
In this article, Chris Arriola dives deeper into Composable functions and how you can build UI with them.
Ben Trengrove takes a look at the first alpha of Compose Composition Tracing, a new feature that allows showing Jetpack Compose composable functions in the Android Studio Flamingo system trace profiler.
Kristen Halper writes about the TwoPane layout from Google’s Accompanist Adaptive library.
Ryan Harter examines how Compose UI uses sensible limits on how rounded rectangle corners are rendered.
Júlia Jakubcová & Tadeas Kriz describe how to use Compose for both iOS and Android UI of the Droidcon app.
Derek Lee examines the expect/actual Syntax of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and how it applies to writing Kotlin for multiple platforms.
Jaewoong writes about design patterns, architecture, and essential solutions for Android and how they have evolved over Android’s long history.
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MEGA is looking for a Senior Android engineer with a deep understanding of the SOLID principles, unit testing, and refactoring, to join our global team.
Google has launched the Indie Games Fund in Latin America and will be awarding $2 million dollars in non-dilutive cash awards, in addition to hands-on support.
Videos & Podcasts
Philipp Lackner examines a Flow mistake that will lead to bugs in your StateFlow & Reactive Programming code.
In this episode of MAD skills on Compose basics, Chris Arriola covers the building blocks of Compose: composable functions.
Learn what App Check is and how you can use it to keep your app's backend safe and secure.
Watch how to create a widget for Android with Glance by Marcel Pinto from Google
In this episode, Tor and Chet speak with Marc Bächinger, Toni Heidenreich, and Andrew Lewis from the Android Media team, where they work on video technologies and APIs like ExoPlayer.
Charfaoui Younes shows how we can integrate and implement one of the ML Kit features to recognize texts with the CameraX.
A quick look at the new App Quality Insights window in Android Studio
Charfaoui Younes shows how to implement the CameraX API in a new Android Studio project.