Issue #542

October 30th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Omer Strulovich shares lessons learned shifting Meta's Android development from millions of lines of Java code to Kotlin.
It’s crucial that developers understand their mobile app security posture as early as possible in the SDLC. Learn how you can find and fix security issues fast with AppSweep, a free Android app tool designed to scan and improve the security of your app prior to release.
Katie Barnett shows how to update your app's launcher icon to let it conform to a user's preferences for their device.
In this post, Bevan Steele goes through some of the most important and useful developer-level pages in the Play Console.
E-commerce companies lose more users to bad app performance than crashes. Mobile teams need visibility into complete user experiences to identify and solve the largest revenue leaks. Join this webinar and learn how best-in-class mobile observability is the answer you've been looking for.
Max Buster shows how to implement different gestures in Jetpack Compose and provide your app an intuitive user experience.
Manda Edling (UX designer) and Paris Hsu describe how they designed the Now in Android app with Material 3.
In this post, take a look at three ways CameraX makes developers’ lives easier when it comes to device compatibility.
Niharika Arora discusses the tools which helped Google optimize their Google apps performance for Android Go devices.
Gurupreet Singh explores the first stable release of Material Design 3 for Compose.
In this second article, Amanda Hinchman examines strange Fragment/View lifecycle interactions, Rx leaks, and dependency leaks.
Kevin Galligan's goal is to make it easier for teams to get the benefits of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile more quickly. This tutorial will help many of you get a basic integration working in about an hour or less.
Ishan Khanna examines four different ways to remove duplicates from an array in Kotlin.
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Libraries & Code
YCharts is a graph library for Android
Android Compose library that offers dialogs & views for various use cases.
Damon Seeley announces Google's Relay, a new design-to-code workflow for Android UI.
See how you compare to your mobile developer peers by viewing the results of our State of Mobile Jobs Survey 2022!
An overview of changes coming to Jetpack Compose announced at Android Dev Summit.
At Android Dev Summit this week Google released updates to three major areas of Jetpack.
Here’s a recap of what was covered in the Android Dev Summit keynote.
Design, code, and tools: Liam Spradlin shares everything new in Material at this year’s Android Developer Summit.
Videos & Podcasts
Nicola Corti interviews Jaewoong Eum about Balloon, a library to display tooltips on Android apps.
In this video, Philipp Lackner shares a full introduction to animations in Jetpack Compose
In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk about the thought of having a terminal for Android.
On October 24th, the first Android Dev Summit ’22 event kicked off with the Summit Keynote and updates for your favorite Modern Android Development tools and APIs. Watch all of the #AndroidDevSummit MAD sessions here!
This presentation by Marcin Moskala presents typical usages of Kotlin Coroutines in real-life Android and backend projects, and analyzes how those use cases can be properly tested.