Issue #543

November 6th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
This article by Amit Shekhar is for anyone who is curious about the Kotlin Coroutines but has no idea what they are.
Do you know how your app compares to key industry performance benchmarks? After all, churning out features won’t cover up the damage that slow, broken mobile experiences cause to your business. Join this webinar to learn how mobile observability is the key to achieving a competitive e-commerce app.
Victor Brandalise examines a marquee text implementation in Compose and considers how to improve its performance.
Joe Birch takes a look at the new Lazy Staggered Grids, learning what they bring to the composable APIs so that we can use them in our applications.
Context-switching in and out of Play Console costs your team time and unnecessary headache. Manage everything you need to do for your Android releases — without setting foot in Play Console.
Arkadiusz Chmura shows how you can draw content behind the system bars (status bar or navigation bar) when building a UI using Jetpack Compose.
With the Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Beta freshly announced, Russell Wolf takes a moment to look back on how far everything has come.
In this article, Hitesh Chopra discusses implementing Pagination, Sorting, and Custom Plugins using Ktor.
Anshul Khattar teaches about what Lint is and how to effectively apply Android Lint to existing projects.
Marco Cattaneo shows how to create a State Machine and implement it on Jetpack Compose
In this article, Max Kachinkin shows how to resolve TransactionTooLargeException issues and talks about IPC calls and Binder.
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Libraries & Code
Mocking with Jetpack Compose - stubbing and verification of Composable functions
Videos & Podcasts
Ivan Morgillo & Sebastiano Poggi get into some shady business with Romain Guy!
Join Louise, Liam and Kenichi for an introduction to Relay, a new design-to-code workflow announced at Android Dev Summit. They will show how to get the most from Relay in both basic and advanced workflows, plus a Q&A to get your burning questions answered.
Charfaoui Younes shows how to use multiple coroutines to update a single state, with some solutions and other best practices related to concurrency.
Google's new Relay plugin for Figma takes your design's UI components and generates Jetpack Compose components for them, so you don't need to code them on your own. In this video, Philipp Lackner shows you how this works.
In this episode, Tor and Chet learn some more about performance from Carmen. Carmen works on the Android Platform Performance team and is an expert on everything related to performance.