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November 13th, 2022
Android Weekly Updates
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Articles & Tutorials
In most apps that use BottomBar for bottom navigation, you’d want some screens to exclude the BottomBar. James Shvarts looks at how to accomplish this with Jetpack Compose.
The tutorial shows you how to add an in-app messaging feature with just a few lines of code, as well as the flexibility and customization options of SDK.
Mark Murphy shares some thoughts on the Android community on Twitter and how we can continue expanding it to other social platforms as well.
In this article, Nav Singh examines the changes introduced with Material Design 1.7.0.
Did you know that threat actors can easily reverse engineer mobile apps to block ads, bypass premium features, and access originally unavailable capabilities? To prevent these attacks and save your revenue, join our webinar to gain practical and actionable security tips.
Anton Popov considers building a Design System from the point of view of an Android developer.
In this post, Jaewoong (a.k.a skydoves) introduces his strategies for how he built and maintains successful open-source software.
Jamie Sanson examines Relay and how it can generate Jetpack Compose code for you from Figma designs.
In this post, RĂşben Sousa goes over the motivation for a new component for Android TV.
In this blog, Amit Shekhar teaches about RxJava Subjects - Publish, Replay, Behavior, and Async.
Data Builders provide an easy way for creating GraphQL response classes. In this post, Aleksander Jaworski shows how they can be used to improve your tests.
This article by Patryk Kosieradzki explains why he thinks Google Guides for Dialogs are bad and what risks you and your apps may face if you follow them.
Ed Holloway-George examines what’s new in the latest alpha release of the Jetpack Security Crypto library.
Mobile UI testing just got a whole lot easier. Maestro Cloud is the easiest way to run your Flows in CI.
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Kent Eisenhuth and Gerrit de Vries share six strategies for making your data visualization accessible, scalable, and helpful.
Chariot Solutions is a Philly based consulting company that strives to create a product company culture. We work hard to win exciting projects with some of the top companies in the world, while helping our employees maintain a great work life balance.
Videos & Podcasts
Dave Leeds shows how you can easily customize the behavior of a property with Kotlin's property delegates. In this video, we'll learn how Kotlin's delegated properties work, by turning Android's SharedPreferences into a delegate.
Learn how to build flows with Molecule and how to test it with Turbine
Charfaoui Younes guides you on integrating firebase monitoring features into Android apps using the best practices. Monitoring Android apps in production are essential to improve but also hard, but with Firebase, it is somehow easy and intuitive.
Rebecca Franks from the developer relations team joins Chet as a guest host. They talked with Andrei Shikov, Matvei Malkov, and Andrey Kulikov from the Jetpack Compose engineering team about layouts, especially the lazy ones, which are the Compose equivalent of RecyclerView.
When your Jetpack Compose UI isn't running as smoothly as you'd like, you need to optimize something. In this video, Philipp Lackner shows you 3 ways to do this you might not think about at first.
In this playlist, you’ll learn about how to get started building a Health Connect integration, how to request permissions, and read and write data.
Playlist of all October presentations for Android Worldwide.
In this video, Stevdza-San introduces you to Relay, a new way of converting your UI Design from Figma to Android Studio in the form of Composable Functions.
We've worked on our RSS feed and are hoping that it's finally somewhat readable. Let us know if there are bigger issues with it.
Omid Ghenatnevi shares how he approached and answered each interview, and sheds light on a different approach to interviewing for tech companies.