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November 20th, 2022
Android Weekly Updates
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Articles & Tutorials
Chet Haase continues his series on Android graphics, focusing on pixel shaders in Android 13.
Kevin Schildhorn takes a look at what code is generated by designs imported with Relay and how it compares to custom Compose code.
Mobile UI testing just got a whole lot easier. Maestro Cloud is the easiest way to run your Flows in CI.
Radhika explores the new DrawScope.drawText() API in Jetpack Compose.
Kateryna Semenova discusses Baseline Profiles and how they improve app and library performance, including startup time by up to 40%.
Alejandra Stamato describes how Variable Fonts are ready to use from Compose UI 1.3.0, for Android O and above.
Sagar Begale walks you through improving your app startup time for a hybrid View and Compose UI app.
Lucas Cavalcante shows how reified type parameters will save you from “copypasta” when parsing enums.
This post by Craig Dunn helps designers and developers looking to build for both foldable and large-screen devices to combine both sources of guidance to create adaptive user experiences.
BoxWithConstraints Composable lets us build adaptive layouts based on available height/width and other constraints. James Shvarts provides an example of how it can be useful.
Ishan Khanna compares Jetpack Compose and Flutter, and list some pros and cons for each.
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Libraries & Code
Jetpack Compose blur effect library, which supports all Android versions.
Beautiful and feature rich workout log app.
A multiplatform Mastodon client written in Kotlin for the amazing community and everyone else who enjoys #Fediverse. This project is in active development, see the description about joining the team.
Romain Guy's text layout for Compose to flow text around arbitrary shapes.
Google shares more details about the Privacy Sandbox Beta so that developers can get prepared.
Google is now making the Health Connect (Beta) app available for download in Google Play to give users a central place to manage their privacy settings with granular controls to see which apps have access to data at any given time.
An overview of the final track for Android Developer Summit: the Platform Track, focused on developer features and guidance around Android 13
Ekaterina Petrova shares the first Kotlin survey’s key findings, plans to address the most popular issues, and some tips on what you can do about them right now.
Videos & Podcasts
In this episode, Ivan Morgillo and Sebastiano Poggi are joined by Rahul Ravikumar from Google, and he immensely improved the performance of their app!
Philipp Lackner shows how the Jetpack Benchmarking library can easily measure the performance of your app. In this video, learn how you can measure startup time and how performant your UI is.
Charfaoui Younes examines how named parameters and default arguments are implemented under the hood in Kotlin and see some decompiled code to under what is happening exactly.
In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk about their thoughts on Jetpack Compose and XML for Android layouts and which one you should learn first.
On November 14, the final event of Android Dev Summit ’22 dove into the latest updates to the Android platform. Watch all of the #AndroidDevSummit Platform sessions here!
VIdeos of the presentations from droidcon London 2022