Issue #546

November 27th, 2022
Android Weekly Updates
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Articles & Tutorials
Chet Haase shows how to use RenderNode to take advantage of the system blur for a better (and faster!) effect and to simplify the AGSL shader logic to simply provide the frosted-glass effect.
Android Lint has an API to make network calls, and Zac Sweers covers best practices of when and where to use it.
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Lucas Yuji Yoshimine introduces Camposer, a camera library only using Jetpack Compose.
This is Thomas Künneth's first part in a series of articles called Understanding foldable devices.
Starting with Android 13, Per-App Language Preferences are available to users. This article gives an overview of how to add support to your app.
Rebecca Franks describes how she went about animating a jellyfish vector image in Jetpack Compose and applying AGSL RenderEffects.
The Berliner Philharmoniker is looking for a Senior Android Developer. The Digital Concert Hall ( is the leading international video streaming platform for classical music concerts, documentaries and interviews. You'd be responsible for our highly rated Android App.
Libraries & Code
A camera library totally in Jetpack Compose which supports taking photos, recording videos, flash modes, zoom ratio, and among others!
Jellyfish Animation in Jetpack Compose using ImageVector and RenderEffect.
A nice, animated gradient effect in Jetpack Compose
IntelliJ iDEA / Android Studio plugin for Android projects using the Paparazzi library
A wrapper for the Bluetooth GATT APIs on Android.
Read this if you're interested in contributing to a group effort to build a free and open Mastodon client.
Google TV and Android TV will be requiring Android App Bundles that are archivable starting in May 2023 to save storage for users.
JetBrains is starting the EAP Champions program and invite you to join!. EAP Champions are a group of developers who work on large-scale, production-grade projects.
CameraViewfinder is a new artifact from the Jetpack library that allows you to quickly implement camera previews with minimal effort.
Videos & Podcasts
John O’Reilly presentation on the ever-increasing convergence of native iOS and Android mobile development.
Listen to Sudarshan Muralidhar and Christian Melchior from @MongoDB + Realm talk about their new multiplatform product that is created to ensure the consistency and consolidation of data across devices and your backend.
In this episode of the Android Game Dev Show, Patrick discusses the brand new form factor for Android Games
In this episode, Donn talks about the tips and tricks he’s used over the last 20 years of consulting, freelancing and working full time to find jobs and new opporftunities.
Listen to Jake Wharton and Jessie Wilson from Cash App talk about "weird and ambitious multiplatform things." They reveal their experience of using Kotlin Multiplatform for one of the most used fintech apps in the world.
In this episode, Ivan Morgillo and Sebastiano Poggi learn how to create spectacular custom layouts with Simona Stojanovic, Android Developer Relations Engineer at Google.
Charfaoui Younes compares both types of for loops in kotlin and a simple performance comparison. He also shows how you can achieve the `break` and `continue` in the forEach!
We've created an Etsy shop for our upcoming merchandise. We'll start with cool stickers for your phones, laptops and other surfaces, all handmade by Martin, the Co-Founder of Android Weekly.