Issue #549

December 18th, 2022
Android Weekly Updates
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Articles & Tutorials
Katie Barnett shows how to use out-of-the-box Compose UI features to achieve great-looking results with an animated TopAppBar.
In this article, Sajjad Ali creates a small Android project using Kotlin to demonstrate the Volley library.
Alex Styl teaches everything you need to know about States in Jetpack Compose.
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Odinas shows a practical example of how you can use the Canvas APIs in compose to make a square segmented progress indicator (SSPI).
Lukasz Kalnik shows how it's possible to test GitHub Actions workflows locally to have a quick feedback loop.
In this multi-part series, Arnaud Giuliani modifies the Now In Android app with the Koin dependency injection framework.
Sara Hamilton and Ataul Munim took a slight detour from their usual areas of interest by making a Wear OS game using Compose for Wear OS!
In this blog post, Chiara Chiappini shows how to bring your media app to Wear OS smartwatches with the help of the newly released Wear media toolkit.
Mozart Louis starts part 1 of a technical guide on how to migrate away from TextureView to the much preferred SurfaceView to enable HDR playback on supported devices.
Craig Dunn shares changes to the drag and drop sample, updated to use the AndroidX drag and drop package to show how to add this feature to your apps.
Chen Zhang recently dived into some refactoring in the repository layer and noticed a few gotchas, which he shares in this article.
Amit Shekhar in-depth look at StateFlow and SharedFlow in Kotlin
Tristan Elliott starts a 3 part series on how to set up a dark mode in Jetpack Compose.
Liam Spradlin shares some of Material Design’s top moments from the past year
Libraries & Code
Code for "Pew pew! Making a Game with Compose Canvas on Wear OS 👾"
Android library that helps you focusing on your audio UI and manages independently media player under the hood
BiPaK is a Kotlin multiplatform paging library. It is inspired by Jetpack Paging 3 but tries to be less a black box regarding data flows.
Videos & Podcasts
Lukas Lechner covers the coroutines "launchIn" terminal operator in this lesson.
Learn how to draw text around images with Jetpack Compose and the latest library by Romain Guy, Engineering Director, Android Toolkit team at Google
Amit Shekhar discusses the JvmStatic Annotation in Kotlin
In this video, Charfaoui Younes shows how to glue everything created so far, from entities, DAOs, and converters, and how to provide an instance for your database, so other app components get access to it and use it to manipulate data.
Philipp Lackner shows how to invoke the new Android 13 Photo Picker
In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk about 5 new-ish Kotlin constructs that you might not be aware of.
Nicola Corti invited Mattia Tommasone to talk about MockK, a popular mocking framework for Kotlin.
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