Issue #551

January 1st, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Arkadiusz Chmura shows a potential problem we might encounter when interoperating between Flows and LiveData.
Aleksandr Pilgun introduces ACV tools - instruction coverage and shrinking for Android apps.
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Abhishek Saxena writes about the experiences and challenges he faced, the thought process behind the migration, and the design decisions he made.
I├▒aki Villar shows the potential improvements of updating your Android project with newer Java versions.
TJ Dahunsi implements animated navigation transitions for large screens with moveableContentOf in Jetpack Compose.
Tomas Michalkevic has a quick overview of Kotlin sealed classes and several examples of how to use them.
Hakob Vardanyan examines how to manually implement the navigation component and support multiple back stacks using a custom toolbar and bottom navigation.
Valery Petrov examines handling complex paths in deep links using new attributes: pathAdvancedPattern, pathSuffix available from Android 12.0, and nuances of its use.
Shaik Ahron shows how to implement gRPC, a very high-performing way to communicate with servers, in your app.
James Shvarts provides a few ideas on choosing the right hot flow and a couple of examples of using them in a lifecycle-aware manner, unit testing them in ViewModels.
Alex Styl shares his experiences using Jetpack Compose Desktop to build a file-sharing app and gives you an idea of whether this technology is a good fit for your business.
Libraries & Code
A Multiplatform Slack Client using gRPC
The Kotlin 1.8.0 release is out and here are some of its biggest highlights.
Videos & Podcasts
Watch developer experience experts give their perspectives on when and why changes to developer needs will occur. They will also talk about how to get ahead of these changes and how to react to them when they are necessary
Philipp Lackner shows you the 3 most common mistakes he sees people make when it comes to Jetpack Compose.
Charfaoui Younes shows how we can test our Room Implementation, alongside some best practices and notes on how to use it in E2E and integration tests.
If you are ready to explore paywall opportunities for your app, this short video from Google will explain five simple steps!
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