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January 8th, 2023
Android Weekly Updates
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Articles & Tutorials
This guide by Alex Styl shows you how to handle text focus in Jetpack Compose.
Did you know that you can tweak the looks of Android Studio & IntelliJ's Welcome screen? Thomas Künneth shows you how in this quick tip.
Look at one north metric that reflects app’s overall perceived quality “App APDEX”. With Instabug you can see how many users are seeing a satisfying, tolerable, or frustrating experience. Get Started with Instabug and start monitoring, prioritizing, and debugging performance and stability issues.
What if the API for your app isn't ready yet? Sanskar Agrawal shows how to build a local set of responses that mimic a live service.
Zahid Rasheed teaches how to use the Health Connect Android API to create an app that reads and writes health data and manages health permissions.
Jaewoong Eum shows you how to implement tooltips in Jetpack Compose using his Balloon library.
Burak covers everything that you might need to understand RecyclerView.
Yves Kalume demonstrates one of the many use cases and problems that Kotlin context receivers have come to solve by using a real-life case.
Is your app usable for audiences with disabilities? Ayushi Gupta brings accessible engineering into the picture.
Jarosław Michalik explains the various types of unit tests that should be considered, along with examples of each.
Don Turner explains how he added a domain layer to the Now in Android app for improved readability, scalability, and portability.
FunkyMuse explores how to handle the onNewIntent when your UI is built with Jetpack Compose.
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Libraries & Code
A library for rendering sequence diagrams in Compose UI. The library supports Kotlin Multiplatform and currently supports Android and JVM targets. Both left-to-right and right-to-left layout directions are supported.
Videos & Podcasts
Listen to Maxwell Anselm discuss everything from tea preferences to how Lutron, a leader in the luxury smart lighting industry, evaluated, adopted, and scaled KMM to meet their needs.
In this video, Lukas Lechner teaches all about the lifecycle operators "onStart" and "onCompletion".
Ever had a text that was sometimes too large to fit in its container on some devices? Philipp Lackner shows you how you can create an auto-scaling text in Jetpack Compose that will surely always fit.
Charfaoui Younes shares nine random Android and Kotlin interview questions that are so valuable to know.
Take a look at the CameraX Jetpack library, which is the easiest way to add rich camera functionality to your Android application.