Issue #553

January 15th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Roger Hu examines a small announcement tucked away in the Android Studio Electric Eel release notes about a new parallel project import feature.
Tune into a live webinar January 24th, at 10am EST/16h CET to find out what mobile app security trends you should be aware of in 2023 and how security professionals and developers can proactively address these trends in the new year.
Burak teaches how to use savedStateHandle for Process Death and Orientation Change in RecyclerView.
Sanskar Agrawal shows how to integrate several Google APIs to add map and location search functionality to your UI built with Jetpack Compose.
Congratulations! You've managed to create a wonderful app. So, what are your options to monetize? We will go through eight of them so you can weigh the pros and cons. The guide is free, we hope you'll enjoy it.
Managing dependencies can be especially challenging when you have multiple modules in your project. Waseef Akhtar shares a way to help keeps things simple.
Ivan Sanchez checks how http4k uses the simplicity of Kotlin to make services easy to test without compromising on the developer experience
The Gradle dependency tree is the backbone of your Gradle builds. Ishan Khanna provides details for tracking all your dependencies, as well as optimizing your builds.
Victor Brandalise's first article in a new series where he’ll be sharing his journey building a language learning app with Jetpack Compose.
Universal links work for both websites and apps. Antoine Thibierge shows how to implement support for them in your Android app.
This post shows you how to wrap a 3rd party Gradle plugin in your own plugin, so that you can interactive with it programmatically.
Thomas Künneth gives some real-world examples of how an app's UI could be improved for larger screens and foldables.
Alex Styl goes through what the benefits of using Scaffolds are, what different types of Scaffolds exist, and decide whether they are a good fit for your use cases.
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Libraries & Code
This project demonstrates WebRTC protocol to facilitate real-time video communications with Jetpack Compose.
A multiplatform compose widget for picking files with each platform's Native File Picker Dialog.
Google has built a new Extension SDK framework for you to integrate with the Modular System Component APIs, and they've released the first public version of the Extension SDK (Extension Level 4).
The Android Studio team announced the latest stable release of the official IDE for building Android applications: Android Studio Electric Eel (2022.1.1)!
Here's what's new in Kotlin 1.8.0
Videos & Podcasts
Lukas Lechner explains the differences between the asLiveData operator compared to the collect and launchIn operator.
In this Code With the Italians episode, Googlers Jose Alcerreca and Alex Vanyo showed us how to integrate and use the latest testing library for Android
Android Studio Electric Eel contains the new Logcat UI enabled by default, App Quality Insights, improvements to Jetpack Compose previews, new options for emulators and devices, and more!
Charfaoui Younes creates a toy app with Compose Desktop to illustrate some capabilities of the API.
Understand how billing works on Firebase: the difference between Firebase's pricing plans, how to set up your billing account and switch between plans and how you can estimate and have more control of your costs.
Philipp Lackner shows how you can schedule alarms in Android using AlarmManager
In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk about the fear of shipping, some impostor syndrome and how it contributes to uncertainty and doubt in your capabilities as a software developer.
In this video, Anton unpacks the updates for Kotlin 1.8 standard library.
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