Issue #555

January 29th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
In this post, Sam Edwards describes how he configured KotlinX Serialization to work with Sealed Interfaces.
Context-switching in and out of Play Console costs your team time and unnecessary headache. Manage everything you need to do for your Android rollout — without setting foot in Play Console.
Jeroen Mols shows how you can connect your app on an Android emulator to a development server running on the localhost of your computer.
We use a lot of operators in Kotlin, many of which can be overloaded to improve our code’s readability. Marcin Moskała shows how this works.
Are you migrating to Compose but can’t get your AnimatedStateListDrawables to work? Here’s a solution that worked pretty well for Peter Törnhult.
Giovanni Laquidara looks at ways to overcome the ambiguous cold start first-launch user experience.
Miguel shows how to use Gradle version catalogs in a project, what to gain from using this tool, and what can be some of its disadvantages.
In writing tests for a custom Composable, you might discover some odd behavior of those tests being flaky. Alex Vanyo shares some tips to make them more stable.
Takeshi Hagikura looks at Android Studio Electric Eel's new App Quality Insights window, which helps you discover, investigate, and reproduce issues reported by Crashlytics all in one place.
This tutorial by Alex Styl teaches how to open other apps and ask for data using the ActivityResultContract in Jetpack Compose.
Ishan Khanna examines four ways to remove duplicate elements from a list in Kotlin using existing functions.
Kristen Halper shares thoughts on the current state of Relay from the developer's point of view.
Mark Murphy writes about how to prevent a potential Gradle Wrapper supply chain attack in Gradle and Android Studio.
Amit Shekhar teaches about the terms Dalvik, ART, JIT, and AOT in Android.
Using results from a previous example, this article implements examples of stunning gooey animations created in Jetpack Compose.
Sergey Panov demonstrates profiling and optimization techniques for Jetpack Compose.
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Libraries & Code
Fluent syntactic sugar of Kotlin for handling single if-else statements, nullable, collections, and booleans
ElasticView is a JetpackCompose library will help you add an Elastic Effect for your all kind of widgets
It’s time for another Kotlin Dataframe update to start off the new year. There have been a lot of exciting changes since the last 0.8.0 preview release.
As a result of your feedback, Google is making some changes to give you more flexibility and control over the app review process.
Videos & Podcasts
Pamela Hill chats about some of the Kotlin 1.8.0 updates relating to Kotlin/Native and Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.
Charfaoui Younes teaches what shared flow is in the Kotlin Flow API, how we can use it, and what are some particularities to this API.
Philipp Lackner teaches how you can create a text composable where each digit is separately animated.
Lukas Lechner explains the buffer operator, with which we can achieve concurrent flows by decoupling the producer and the emitter.
In this episode of Talking Kotlin, hear from to Urs Peter about what will happen to Kotlin Coroutines after the arrival of Project Loom in JVM.
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