Issue #556

February 5th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Iván Garza Bermea examines the lesser-known Kotlin Playground, a great option to try out code on the fly.
Context-switching in and out of Play Console costs your team time and unnecessary headache. Manage everything you need to do for your Android rollout — without setting foot in Play Console.
Part 2 of Mozart Louis's technical guide on how to migrate away from TextureView to the much preferred SurfaceView focused on Color Washout with HDR tone-mapping.
Simona Stojanovic explains the fundamentals of layouts and modifiers.
Shreyas Patil shows how we can specify policies by which we can tell compose when exactly to recompose and it's a Snapshot Mutation Policy in compose.
Amit Shekhar shows how to convert any Callback to Flow API in Kotlin using callbackFlow.
Thomas Künneth describes how the relatively new Compose for Desktop can be used to build desktop apps.
In some situations you need a base test class in your parameterized Junit 4 tests, so Marco Gomiero shows how to implement them.
Java doesn’t really know what a Kotlin companion object is, so Sam Edwards shares some tips and tricks.
Alex Styl showcases how to create your own login button to sign in with Facebook using Jetpack Compose and Firebase Authentication.
Victor Brandalise is building a language learning app, and shares his learnings along the way in this second part of a series.
Marcin Koziński shows how native share sheets have come a long way on Android and there's really no excuse for implementing custom share sheets anymore
Peter Törnhult discovered that Compose's DropdownMenu can be slow in certain situations, and provides a faster alternative.
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Louise Macfadyen examines one team’s approach to sharing design intent using Google’s new design-to-code tool.
James Williams covers new ways to navigate in and interact with your applications.
Taras Skytskyi collected all the main principles & rules for UI animation in one place, so that others who want to start animating interfaces don’t have to search for additional information.
About the role We’re looking for an outstanding engineer to play a key role in scaling our testing process by automating our manual test suite and enabling our development teams to release faster with confidence. You’ll also have a strong QA mindset with a clear understanding of which user flows are
Here are the biggest highlights of the Kotlin 1.8.0 release
Denis Ambatenne describes JetBrains' plans to improve library authors’ experience and what’s already been done, particularly the Dokka documentation update.
Videos & Podcasts
In this video, Lukas Lechner teaches how to deal with Backpressure / BufferOverflows by applying the various onBufferOverflow strategies.
In this episode, Ivan Morgillo and Sebastiano Poggi found an unconventional way to list all the libraries they use in the app, reading them from Gradle and showing them in a LazyColumn.
In this video of Compose Layouts and Modifiers, Simona will talk about the fundamentals - how Layouts and Modifiers work together, what out-of-the-box APIs are offered, and how to style your UI.
In this episode of the TOA live stream series, Adam McNeilly implements a date picker using Material 3 Dynamic Theming.
This MAD Skills video covers Compose Layouts - components that lay out UI elements and Modifiers - which change the appearance and behavior of composables.
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