Issue #558

February 19th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
In this article, Jorge Castillo shares his in-depth knowledge about how Layout Modifiers work under the hood in Jetpack Compose.
Use Stream's world-class Chat APIs & SDKs to design an immersive messaging experience where web and mobile app users can come to connect.
This course is designed by JetBrains for novices in Kotlin and focuses on the basic concepts of the Kotlin language. Each lesson of the course is built in the form of a project: step by step, by completing different small tasks, you will get a finished small project in the end.
Sébastien Deleuze writes about the potential of Kotlin/Wasm, with a recent preview release announced as part of Kotlin 1.8.20-Beta.
This eBook covers modular architecture design; structuring features and releases; measuring stability, performance, and impact; and how to monitor from early on. Get the eBook for free from Embrace.
Tomas Michalkevic shows that data that has to be reflected in the Jetpack Compose view immediately, is stateful and hence will trigger a recomposition when changed.
Chris Arriola takes a look at how to apply a migration strategy from existing View-based apps to Compose in practice by completing the migration of the Sunflower sample app to Compose.
Jolanda Verhoef teaches how to reason about modifier chaining and how it influences the sizes of our composables.
Miguel shares what he thinks will be important in Android development in the following years, based on his experience and ideas.
John O'Reilly considers the possibility of using Compose for iOS for some subset of the UI, either a particular screen or some UI component within a screen.
Amit Shekhar teaches about the Launch vs Async in Kotlin Coroutines, to see how they differ from each other and when to use which one.
In this sixth article in the series, Thomas Künneth examines one important aspect when considering foldables: navigation.
In this article, Ilyas Ipek shows you the equivalent of SharedPreferences in Android & UserDefaults in iOS to store key-value data using Settings library
This is Oleksandr Stelmakh's third in a series of blog posts about applying Structural concurrency.
Developers are being called on to reevaluate their mobile application security architecture, educate themselves on security best practices, and implement them throughout their dev lifecycle. Access the new report to discover the layered approach to mobile app security.
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Libraries & Code
RSS Parser is an Android library to parse any RSS feed. With RSS Parser, you can fetch plenty of useful information from any RSS channel, be it a blog, magazine, or even a podcast feed.
Clock face implemented using Jetpack Compose. Inspired on the Particle Clock winner project of the Flutter Clock challenge
To further enhance the privacy of users and their multi-platform gaming experience, Play Games Services (PGS) is introducing next generation Player IDs.
To help developers provide a better in-app web experience, Chrome launched Custom Tabs, which are now supported by most major browsers on Android. Now they're announcing two new features that bring the best of Chrome to Android developers and users.
Google announced the release of a new version of API desugaring based on Android 13 and Java 11 language APIs.
Let's take a peek behind the curtains to learn what it takes to design the serving infrastructure of the world's largest Android marketplace, the Google Play Store.
Gradle 8.0 is out with breaking changes, bug fixes, and improvements to the Kotlin DSL, buildSrc more similar to included builds and configuration cache performance benefits on first use.
Roman Elizarov notest that the fast and scalable channels for Kotlin Coroutines have been merged!
Videos & Podcasts
Nicola Corti is back in the Kotlin world with Marco Gomiero and his library RSS-Parser for, you guessed it, parsing RSS feeds.
Modifiers in Compose can be chained and the order in which we do so matters. But how exactly does it matter? Jolanda Verhoef goes beyond intuition to reason about modifier chaining and how it influences the sizes of our composables
In this video, Philipp Lackner shows how you can build a scalable permission handling system in Jetpack Compose for Android.
In this video, Rebecca Franks teaches all about how to draw something custom in Compose. After getting to grips with working in Compose, you might want to start drawing your own custom components. This video will cover how to get started with custom drawing.
In this live stream recording, Adam McNeilly adds a custom stat comparison component to the Pocket League app & shows how to animate it.
Chet and Romain talk to Jeff Hamilton and Anton Hansson from the Mainline team about "modular system components", and the new SDK extension framework which lets developers access them.
In this episode, Ivan Morgillo and Sebastiano Poggi look again at Google's JetLagged app and had Rebecca Franks to talk about how those animations work.
This week Stavro Xhardha examines the plus and minus functions for collections, grouping elements by a certain condition and some other extra operations that come in handy.
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