Issue #561

March 12th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Mark Murphy digs through the API differences report, the high-level overviews, and even the release blog post to find out what DP2 has in store for us.
Tune in for a live webinar on March 21st to discover how to utilize automation to improve the efficiency of your mobile application security testing (MAST) and maintain consistent checks for OWASP MASVS compliance.
This article shows you a way to implement a custom theme, a step quite important when developing a new app.
Ed Holloway-George shares a number of very specific bite-sized tidbits that have helped him become a better Android developer.
RevenueCat provides a backend and a wrapper around Apple's StoreKit and Google Play Billing to make implementing and managing in-app purchases and subscriptions easy. Integrate in minutes. Try for free.
Nav Singh writes about a new framework called SDKExtensions which helps to make development more flexible using new APIs that will be available for older Android versions.
Akash Khunt shares a situation where a false positive performance issue caused a waste of many days in debugging and identifying the root cause.
Francesc Vilariño shows how to create an old-fashioned ticker board to add some distinctiveness to your app.
Jose Alcérreca shows how to use Renovate to automate version updates for your app's repository.
Joe Birch dives into composables to learn how they can be used to create apps for Android TV.
In this article, Sinasamaki shows how to add a Compose layer over the map where any Composable can be overlaid using map projections.
Miguel shares his experience after 6 months of using KMM in a professional app.
Thomas Künneth examines how Android 14 will add many new methods to TextViev (and classes extending it), allowing us to set and query highlights.
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How an artist created a typeface in Latin and Cyrillic
Exploring the boundaries of legibility in Arabic type
We create tools to help churches organize information, coordinate events, communicate with teams, and connect with their congregation. We’re fully remote, relying on tools like GitHub, Slack, Notion, and Zoom. We value asynchronous and collaborative work. Sound like a good fit? Come join us!
Libraries & Code
the m-obile a-pp c-ontinuous i-ntegration workflow ge-nerator
Type-safe Multi-platform cryptography kotlin library
Google I/O is back and you’re invited to join us online May 10!
Google released the second Developer Preview of Android 14, with additional enhancements to privacy, security, performance, developer productivity, and user customization, and more.
An overview of the latest #TheAndroidShow and your conversation with the Android developer community, this time hosted by Rebecca Gutteridge and Madona Wambua.
Videos & Podcasts
Ivan Morgillo and Sebastiano Poggi along with guest Marina Coelho from Google explore Firebase Remote Config to set up some feature flags and A/B tests.
In the 5th series on Colletions in Kotlin from Kotlin Basics Course, Stavro Xhardha shows how to retrieve single elements from collections.
In this session, Adam McNeilly migrates away from our hand-written Result class into the kotlin.Result class from the standard library.
Charfaoui Younes explores the exciting new Photo Picker API in Android and how it can simplify the way you handle photo selection in your app.
Rebecca Gutteridge explores how crash management has evolved over time with Annyce Davis, VP of engineering at Meetup and Google Developer Expert.
Google Developer Expert Madona Wambua discovers the latest innovations in foldables, speaking to experts from Tecno, OPPO and HONOR about their brand new devices
Meet some of the Google Developer Experts that are part of the Android Developer community!
In this part of the Bluetooth chat app, Philipp Lackner teaches how you can exchange data via Bluetooth with another Android device
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