Issue #563

March 26th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Alex Styl covers how to use themes in your Jetpack Compose app, using Material 3 Compose.
RevenueCat provides a backend and a wrapper around Apple's StoreKit and Google Play Billing to make implementing and managing in-app purchases and subscriptions easy. Integrate in minutes. Try for free.
Marcello Galhardo shares a “How To” guide on Trampoline Activities.
Daniel Atitienei examines Kotlin flows in more detail and considers several practical applications.
Wildlife Studios knows a thing or two about shipping successful mobile games, with over 60 titles and over 3 billion downloads. Don't miss this webinar where they're sharing key tips for maximizing the performance and discoverability of mobile games.
Radhika explores the DrawStyle API for Text Stroke Effects in Jetpack Compose.
Shreyas Patil shows how the Mutekt library can help us simplify state management in Kotlin.
"UiAutomator" doesn't allow us to get strings using the generated R class, but Alex Zhukovich shares a workaround.
Morten Krogh-Jespersen sheds light on the runtime code verification issue and why you can safely ignore it going forward when using R8 and D8
Rebecca Gutteridge examines Android Studio’s App Quality Insights (AQI) window which enables developers to discover, investigate, and reproduce issues reported by Firebase Crashlytics, directly within the context of your local Android Studio project.
Christian Moser introduces new surface color roles which offer more flexibility for large screens and rich color features.
In this article, Tyson Henning teaches how prewarming affects app startup time, and how to manage it.
Are you ready to add some colorful flair to your Jetpack Compose project? Nicolas Haan shows how to use the Canvas API and SweepGradient.
In this second post, Bevan Steele shows how to use a script & running it on GitHub Actions to create a CI/CD system that gets triggered when you push to a specific branch.
Jesse Wilson's musings on naming things, for when he found himself writing "WidgetFactoryFactory".
Victor Brandalise shows how to build a 24h time picker dialog using Jetpack Compose.
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Phosphor is a flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations — whatever, really (MIT licensed)
We at Bontouch have a simple but ambitious idea: to make the world’s greatest apps, and we develop products used by more than 50 million people in 196 countries. We are hiring for Stockholm & Kalmar. Join us!
Libraries & Code
A collection of Kotlin Multiplatform extensions that will make your code elegant & efficient
This repo includes production-ready samples that showcase a way of simply writing bug-proof Jetpack Compose UI tests. Every UI component, possible behavior, and state was tested!
Redwood is a library for building reactive Android, iOS, and web UIs using Kotlin. NOTE: Redwood is currently under development and not ready for use by anyone
FlowMVI is a Kotlin Multiplatform MVI implementation based on coroutines with a few main goals
Google announced the full release of the Jetpack Media3 library
Connecting and empowering women in Android from all over the world. Attend droidette workshops every first and 3rd Monday of the Month.
Videos & Podcasts
Dive deeper into Bitrise functionality, particularly Bitrise checks, and triggers for our builds when we open pull requests and push to our branches.
Nicole Terc is an Android Software Engineering Lead and in this friendly interview, she shares her story and career path.
Donn and Kaushik talk about one of the age old bike shedding topics – code formatting, and how you can solve it with automation and tools.
Did you know that Kotlin can smart-cast a variable in response to calling your own functions? Dave Leeds shows how to use Kotlin's experimental Contracts feature to make that happen!
Learn how color schemes are applied to product UI using Material Design tokens in Material Design 3
Raluca Sauciuc joins Tor and Romain to talk about what goes on behind the scenes in Android Studio
This is part 6 in the series by Stavro Xhardha on Collections in Kotlin.
Charfaoui Younes shows you how to use the new logcat feature in Android Studio that makes debugging your apps a breeze.
Manuel Perera shows a tip on how to tweak one of the Compose layouts to implement a fun and complex look and the benefits of doing it with Compose.
Simona Stojanovic concludes the MAD skills series on Compose Layouts and Modifiers, with an overview of all the presentations.
P.Y. and Mitch talk about android performance, memory leaks, tools for performance monitoring, Android at Square, and his journey as an L8 android developer at Square.