Issue #564

April 2nd, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Iury Souza shares the background of his project of creating a Gradle plugin that automates architecture diagrams using Mermaid.js
Discover the guidelines that ensure the performance and stability of Android apps, including memory use, network calls, app launch, and UI rendering performance.
D'haval Asodariya explores advanced use cases of Kotlin enums with code examples, to help you better understand how to use them in your own projects.
Fred Porciúncula makes it easy for anyone coming from Dagger or Hilt to adopt kotlin-inject by going through and exploring their differences.
Logging into Play Console to edit a number in a text box, day after day for every release, is a big waste of time. Runway’s automated, customizable staged rollouts make that daily grind a thing of the past.
Niharika Arora describes how the Credential Manager API helps you and your users overcome a number of security and usability challenges..
Patryk Kosieradzki writes about a major issue with Jetpack Compose's stable version 1.4.0, with a possible workaround until it is corrected.
Looking to add navigation to your Compose screens? Daniel Cook has an overview of Jetpack Navigation and its advantages & disadvantages.
Following last week's tutorial about themes in Jetpack Compose, this week Alex Styl goes through how to change themes via code.
With a resurgence of interest in app widgets, Thomas Künneth starts a new series digging into the art of updating widgets.
In this post, Craig Dunn looks at ways Android developers can use OpenAI- and ChatGPT-powered tools.
Yves Kalume shows how to use Chucker to inspect the network traffic of your application and display the necessary data without connecting the smartphone to your IDE.
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Libraries & Code
A library which provides a Media composable component for AndroidX Media3 (the successor of the ExoPlayer) media playbacks.
A small and simple, yet fully fledged and customizable navigation library for Jetpack Compose
A compile-time dependency injection library for kotlin.
Here's how Mercari reduces 355K lines of code, a 69% difference, by rebuilding with Jetpack Compose.
JetBrains will be streaming KotlinConf’23 live on YouTube, so you will have full access to the conference, even if you can’t attend in person!
Videos & Podcasts
Márton Braun continues the exploration started in the prequel to learn more best practices around our favorite programming language.
Stavro Xhardha's seventh part about Collections in Kotlin from his Kotlin Basics Course
Mind-Blowing 3D Magic with Romain Guy: Filament Deep Dive & Android Integration!
Charfaoui Younes shows two operators or functions to retry flows and supercharge your code with more features.
In this special double feature episode, listen to Touchlab’s Kevin Galligan, Tadeas Kriz, and Russell Wolf discuss their upcoming workshop on putting Kotlin Multiplatform into production at KotlinConf ‘23
Nicola Corti speaks with Mike McQuaid about everything related to the macOS package manager Homebrew.
Daniel Atitienei teaches how to navigate between screens in Jetpack Compose.
In this talk, Zalim Bashorov & Sébastien Deleuze have a deep look inside the internal details of the Kotlin/Wasm technology stack, how the Kotlin code is compiled into WebAssembly and look in-depth at the generated code and its structure.
Corey Latislaw walks you through her creative process of a graphic zine with Kotlin as the savior from Java and the tools and techniques she used to turn it into a reality