Issue #567

April 23rd, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
This series of articles by Renaud Mathieu is designed to help you explore the latest addition to Material 3 for Android.
Reclaim your time with Wolfia's mobile app release automation: focus on building features, let Wolfia take care of the tedious tasks. Wolfia monitors crashes for you, halting the rollout automatically if crash rates are too high. Try it for free.
Nirav Tukadiya discusses how to set up a project with Bazel for building Android applications.
Markus Hintersteiner shares the experience of building a Jetpack Compose integration, starting with the user interaction tracking feature.
Are you tired of dealing with ANR (Application Not Responding) issues or crashes in your app? Embrace's platform helps you identify and resolve ANR problems quickly, ensuring a smooth user experience. Sign up for a free trial now and see how Embrace can help you save time and reduce frustration.
Nav Singh Recently started using Android studio Flamingo which comes with default JDK set to JDK17, and some unit tests started failing. Here's what he discovered.
Marcin Moskała considers new Kotlin Compiler Plugin capabilities that will allow type generation during development time.
Isuru Rajapakse shares how to survive configuration changes, survive process death and scope ViewModels without going all-in with Decompose.
Jeremy Walker writes about the refactoring Modifier.pointerInput to use the new Modifier.Node implementation, which is part of a larger project to reduce memory and improve performance in Compose.
Alejandra Stamato looks at a practical use case for positioning text in Compose, analyzing multiple alternatives, reviewing the pros and cons, and the performance of each solution.
Chet Haase announces a new library with the flashy name :graphics:graphics-shapes: launched recently in AndroidX.
In Android 13 (API level 33), Google introduced a new standardized platform architecture for spatial audio, a premium and more engaging sound experience.
Chet Haase shows how to use the new AndroidX graphics-shapes library to create and draw morph animations on rounded shapes. Easily.
Christopher Keenan proposes encapsulating your composable function and associated types with a surrounding object, providing a convenient approach to implementing UI components.
Alex Styl talks about migrating to Jetpack Compose without breaking the bank, discussing which parts of your app you should (or not) use Jetpack Compose.
Bevan Steele shows how to automate the process of bumping the version code and then committing the updated version to the codebase using a GitHub Action.
Simon Vergauwen discusses the 10-year history of Arrow as well as the future of Functional Programming in Kotlin, and the challenges OSS projects face.
Jesse Wilson shares a tip for reading test files when writing Kotlin/Multiplatform tests.
Libraries & Code
This sample application is developed to display the images created by MidJourney. The application is developed with Compose Multiplatform and works on Android and iOS platforms
A Kotlin Multiplatform Library for Building Network-Resilient Applications
On phones and tablets running Android 7.0 (SDK level 24) and above, the Play Store will prompt users to update your app if it crashes in the foreground and a more stable version is available.
Enabling voice controls to unlock hands-free and eyes-free contexts is an easy way to create a more seamless app experience for your users
Videos & Podcasts
In this video, Amit Shekhar discusses Multidex in Android, and when it needs to be used.
Daniel Atitienei teaches how to create deep links in your Jetpack Compose app.
Do your users drift away after a few weeks or months? Are you showing your users the value of your app and regularly guiding them back to those value moments? In this video, we look at four steps you can take to help you retain users over the long term.
Charfaoui Younes teaches how to efficiently compute and manage UI-related states in Jetpack Compose with the derived state covering the basics, practical examples, optimization techniques, and best practices.
Philipp Lackner teaches how to build a multiline text field with a custom design that accepts a hint. You’ll learn about the decoration box of the text field composable and how we can use it.
Accessibility testing is an essential part of app development. In this episode, we’ll specifically discuss accessibility testing at the pre-launch stage of your app.
Daniel Atitienei shows how to create deep links in your Jetpack Compose app.