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April 30th, 2023
Android Weekly Updates
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Articles & Tutorials
A hands-on tutorial from Rahul Ray on how to build layouts with ConstraintLayout in Jetpack Compose.
Are you tired of dealing with ANR (Application Not Responding) issues or crashes in your app? Embrace's platform helps you identify and resolve ANR problems quickly, ensuring a smooth user experience. Sign up for a free trial now and see how Embrace can help you save time and reduce frustration.
sinasamaki shows how to create 3 unique Pager animations in Jetpack Compose.
Renaud Mathieu takes a closer look at the different components and features of Material 3, examining the Material3 DatePicker.
Not sure how important mobile application security is to your organization or think you're covered by the mobile platform (iOS or Android)? An improperly secured app presents a tremendous amount of risk with huge implications to the organization. Check out our on demand webinar to learn more.
The new photo picker is easy to implement, as you only need to include a few lines of code with the support library!
Alexandru Rotariu takes a look at how to authenticate your users using Google credentials using Firebase Authentication.
Alex Styl Takes a deep dive into dialogs, exploring the different types of dialogs there are and how to use them.
Jarosław Michalik explores a 5-step process to break the cycle and improve the quality of your codebase.
Arkadiusz Chmura shows how to make an expandable text that is controlled by a button below it using Jetpack Compose.
Join thousands of developers taking a practical approach to learning Jetpack Compose! Build 12 independent projects, using a range of Compose APIs. Learn state management, how to build responsive and accessible UI, custom drawing, animations, testing and more! Use code ANDROIDWEEKLY for 20% off
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Libraries & Code
Show live previews of video content using Jetpack Compose for Android TV
Google I/O is just around the corner! Here are some helpful tips to maximize your experience online.
Learn how you can better support your users on large screens, foldables, and other upcoming devices.
Google remains committed to keeping Google Play and the ecosystem of users and developers safe, and they look forward to many exciting security and safety announcements in 2023.
Videos & Podcasts
Interviews with developers from KotlinConf 2023
Playlist of presentations from Android Worldwide April 2023
Charfaoui Younes shows how you can share codes between Android instrumented tests and normal local tests!
Philipp Lackner shows how you can save scroll positions persistently like social media feeds often do it.
A playlist of all the presentations from KotlinConf 2023.