Issue #569

May 7th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
This article by Riccardo Cardin focuses on the functional approaches and introduces the Arrow library, looking at Absent values, Nullables, and Options.
Having to context switch in and out of Play Console can be time-consuming and frustrating. Let Runway manage your Android releases, from kickoff to rollout — so you don't even need to set foot in Play Console.
glove-android is an Android library that provides a clean interface to GloVe word embeddings, which have been quite popular in NLP applications. Shubham Panchal shows how to make use of it.
Learn how to test composables in Android development using the Paparazzi library by CashApp.
What happens when you survey 1600+ Mobile DevOps teams? You get 5 key Mobile DevOps benchmarks that can guide mobile teams to high performance. Download our free report and start setting goals for your team based on industry-recognized benchmarks.
How Material You supports beautiful, efficient tablet and foldable experiences
This article provides tips and is a great starting point as you optimize your app for large screens.
The Jetpack Media3 1.0 release includes new functionality in the Transformer module for converting media files between formats, or transcoding, and applying editing operations.
Biometric authentication allows users to access their apps using their unique characteristics like fingerprint, face, or iris recognition. John Codeos shows how to add support to your Android app.
This article by Pierre-Yves Ricau leverages statistics fundamentals to suggest a scientifically sound approach to analyzing Jetpack Macrobenchmark results.
This series by Kevin Schildhorn provides some definition of commonly seen code in Gradle builds, and act as a cheat sheet you can reference in the future.
This week Alex Styl goes through all about optimizing your composable functions.
Joe Birch decided to revisit an old project and create a Composable that will play a short preview of the currently selected item.
Renaud Mathieu takes a closer look at the different components and features of Material 3, examining the Material3 SearchBar.
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Libraries & Code
Show live previews of video content using Jetpack Compose for Android TV
A Rich text editor library for both Jetpack Compose and Compose Multiplatform, fully customizable and supports the common rich text editor features.
glove-android is an Android library that provides an interface for using popular GloVe word embeddings.
AnimatedNavigationBar is a navigation bar with a number of preset animations written in Jetpack Compose
Get the latest Material 3 updates and online content at Google’s annual developer conference
KotlinConf 2023 session recordings are now available
Google I/O 2023 is just a week away, kicking off on Wednesday May 10 at 10AM PT with the Google Keynote and followed at 12:15PM PT by the Developer Keynote
Google is announcing deeper partnerships with Android hardware manufacturers to help ensure APIs for background work are supported predictably and consistently across the ecosystem.
Videos & Podcasts
Ivan Morgillo and Sebastiano Poggi create a custom plugin for IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.
In this GitHub Actions Tutorial, learn how to add user inputs to workflow_dispatch triggers in your GitHub Actions workflow.
In this episode of Talking Kotlin, learn how Synthesized uses Kotlin together with custom DSLs and OpenAPI work like magic!
Charfaoui Younes delves into the lesser-known recursion features of Kotlin that can assist you in crafting code that is both succinct and effective while avoiding stack overflow errors.
Dave Leeds shows what collection builders are, and why you'd want to use them. And as a bonus also take a look at immutable collections!
Philipp Lackner shows how you can build your very own layouts in Jetpack Compose.
Daniel Atitienei teaches how to use GraphQL with Clean Architecture in Jetpack Compose.
This video is a guide to functional programming in Kotlin
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