Issue #570

May 14th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Eugene Matsyuk considers the importance of running UI tests on PRs, this time exploring the various solutions available in the market and evaluating them.
Simple integration, flexibility, customization, AND a free plan? Build your own chat app along with Stream’s Compose Chat Messaging Tutorial today!
Jimmy McBride shows how to create custom Compose animations instead of using predefined ones, giving you the flexibility to design a unique experience for your app users
John O'Reilly writes a short article about a recent exploration of using Compose for sharing a UI component within a SwiftUI screen.
Tune into a live webinar this May 24th, 10am EST/16h CET to discover how mobile banking apps can be targeted by malware that exploits Android features like Accessibility and Overlay Services, and how to protect your apps from these attacks.
Marco Gomiero journals converting a simple View-based app to Compose step by step.
Kristen Halper digs in to learn more about graphics in Compose, creating a frame-by-frame animation canvas, and building basic animations.
Alex Styl covers everything you need to know about ViewModels in Jetpack Compose. What they are, why you need them, and why you don't.
Mark Murphy digs through the API differences report, the high-level overviews, and even the release blog post to find out what the second Beta has in store for us.
In this tutorial, John Codeos shows you how to make a color picker.
Adhithya introduces the Android UI design hub, so you can start creating exceptional user interfaces that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.
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Now that the new Android Studio logo is available to most users, Marie Prezner examines the design changes in greater detail and decodes their meaning.
Design beautiful and modern Android apps that meet your user where they are, whether browsing their phone, reading on their tablet, glancing at their wrist, or watching TV.
Libraries & Code
Ksoup is a lightweight Kotlin Multiplatform library for parsing HTML, extracting HTML tags, attributes, and text, and encoding and decoding HTML entities.
A collection of AGSL shaders rendered in Jetpack Compose
This repository is a work-in-progress implementation of Map-with-markers component for Compose-Multiplatform
Google announced the launch of the Watch Face Format.
Gurupreet Singh explores the 1.1 release of Material Design 3 for Compose.
Android Studio Hedgehog introduces a key breakthrough: an AI-powered conversational experience designed to make you more productive.
At I/O 2023, Google announced key updates across both Health Connect and Health Services for app developers and users.
Google has built exciting new features and made major changes to Play to help you thrive.
Google has launched the Alpha release of Compose for TV, the latest UI framework for developing beautiful and functional apps for Android TV.
Highlights of some key updates announced at Google I/O this year in Wear OS.
Google shared updates and new ways for developers to reach more users in the car.
Coinciding with Google I/O, Google has released the second Beta of Android 14
The highlights of recent updates in three major areas of Jetpack.
A look at all the new releases and announcements for Jetpack Compose from Google I/O.
Read on for our 14 new things to know in the world of Android Developer
Videos & Podcasts
This playlist has all the Keynotes, technical sessions, and workshops from Google I/O 2023
Explore how to implement a login screen using Jetpack Compose, with a particular focus on optimizing keyboard options and actions.
Josh Shin talks about his own path into mobile development and about how Volley has approached adopting and scaling Kotlin Multiplatform, especially from the iOS side of things.
Eric Ampire shows how to set up Hilt for dependency injection and teaches a little bit about dependency injection.