Issue #571

May 21st, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
An overview of improvements provided by the release of Koin 3.4 and Koin Annotations 1.2, as well as a cheat sheet for quick reference.
Glassfy is the simple to implement SDK that manages App Store payment integrations with Play Store, App Store, and Web so you don’t have to deal with the integrations of stores and focus on growing the revenue of your app.
In this article, Eyram Hlorgbe teaches how to use CameraX, MLKit, and Jetpack Compose by building an application for scanning and inputting Vehicle Identification Numbers.
Eugene Kovko reviews two patterns: Dependency Injection and Service Locator. The goal is to find out their essential differences and the pros and cons of each approach.
What happens when you survey 1600+ Mobile DevOps teams? You get 5 key Mobile DevOps benchmarks that can guide mobile teams to high performance. Download our free report and start setting goals for your team based on industry-recognized benchmarks.
James Williams enumerates new ways to navigate in and interact with your applications
Aritra Roy Gosthipaty shares his journey into the Deep Learning world with Keras.
Paul Blundell aims to demystify some of the steps in a typical Android interview process by discussing steps, strategies, targets, and solutions.
Miguel shares what choices exist in Kotlin when we need reusable constants in our code.
Alex Styl goes through how to adapt your app's designs to look great on any kind of screen size and also how to implement it.
Joe Birch looks at plugging the Preview Card into a parent container, resulting in an immersive content row for previewing selectable items.
Kristen Halper continues the series on Compose animations, showing how to do animations with two other properties: angle and color.
the last part in the series on navigation abstraction in Compose using Google’s navigation component.
Learn how to use Airbnb’s Showkase library to visualize Android components in your project.
Louis Pullen-Freilich explains how to listen to user interactions in Jetpack Compose and create reusable visual indications that can be applied across your application.
In this blog post, Chris Arriola covers ViewCompositionStrategy, why it’s needed, and how to pick the right strategy for your use case to avoid state loss.
The goal of Costa Fotiadis with this post is to understand how Compose recomposition works, with a short real-world example.
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New updates make it even easier to design and prototype Material apps in Figma
Libraries & Code
Building blocks for designing media experiences in Compose UI
Compose Multiplatform UI components for iOS (Cupertino Widgets) and more.
Compose Multiplatform, the declarative framework from JetBrains for building cross-platform user interfaces with Kotlin, is now able to target iOS
Videos & Podcasts
Charfaoui Younes shows how to create migrations for your Room database so that when you change something in the schema, you have a way to migrate your data!
Learn how to add our project to Firebase and set up Crashlytics, and also make use of the new app quality insights available in newer versions of Android Studio.
Daniel Atitienei shows how to display local notifications in Android using Jetpack Compose
Philipp Lackner tries out the new Studio Bot AI for Android Studio - a chat AI which is directly integrated into Android Studio.
Donn and Kaushik talk to an old friend of the show, Colin White, about Treehouse, a combination of the Redwood and Zipline libraries.
Tor, Romain, and Chet talk with Siva Velusamy and Sandhya Mohan from the Android Studio team about the just-launched Studio Bot.
Ivan Morgillo and Sebastiano Poggi dive into the latest developments of the Text API in Jetpack Compose with Zach Klippenstein.
Playlist of Google presentations from GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2023.