Issue #573

June 4th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Learn how to simplify auth journeys using Credential Manager API
Build Distro by Runway makes it dead simple to get the right builds into the right teammates' hands. Safeguard your production app with logical grouping of builds, easily share test builds early and often, and make installation foolproof.
Enrique López-Mañas explains what a chunked or streamed HTTP request is, what the benefits are, and how it works in Android.
The Now In Android app is the standard for best practices and this whitepaper by Kotzilla demonstrates why Koin is the standard for best practice for Dependency Injection in Modern Android Development.
What happens when you survey 1600+ Mobile DevOps teams? You get 5 key Mobile DevOps benchmarks that can guide mobile teams to high performance. Download our free report and start setting goals for your team based on industry-recognized benchmarks.
A deep dive into derivedStateOf API and how it is different from remember(key).
Explore the underlying process that dictates layout selection and shed light on how Android makes these decisions.
Google I/O 2023 was filled with exciting updates and announcements. Here are the top three Modern Android Development announcements from Google I/O 2023.
Brand new spaCy Turkish models are trained, packaged and waiting for to be used on your datasets.
Quick detour on why there are so many versions and how it affects data transformations in the compiler
Build a custom TabRow Indicator that draws a curved path around the selected page.
Marcello Galhardo highlights some of the Android APIs that are utilized behind the scenes for improved Dependency Injection.
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Libraries & Code
Android Studio / IntelliJ plugin for creating modules
Starting on January 1, 2024, all new apps must use monetization.subscriptions APIs for managing your subscriptions catalog
Firebase Dynamic Links is no longer recommended for new projects. In the future, the Dynamic Links service will shut down, but you will have at least 12 months from the announcement date to migrate
Videos & Podcasts
Dive into the thrilling world of game development with guest Daniele Conti, an accomplished engineer.
In this episode with Sean from the Compose team, learn how to improve Composable performance.
Fred Porciúncula, a Google Developer Expert (GDE), offers his expertise on Dependency Injection (DI), Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP), and how they intersect.
Nicola Corti interviews Adriel Café, the creator and maintainer of Voyager which lets you build navigation experiences that support Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop.
Rebecca Franks will discuss the top 3 Modern Android Development announcements from I/O.
Philipp Lackner teaches how you can use Compose Multiplatform to build UI for both Android & iOS in Kotlin.
Charfaoui Younes examines the functionalities of fold and reduce operations and their unique features.
Artem Vorobiov and Brian Edmonds will share common policy issues that Android developers using your SDK may experience when publishing on Google Play