Issue #574

June 11th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Victor Brandalise shows you how to build the circular reveal animation WhatsApp uses with Jetpack Compose
AppSweep by Guardsquare helps developers automate the mobile app security testing process with fast, free scans. By using AppSweep’s actionable recommendations, developers can improve the security posture of their apps in accordance with security standards like OWASP. Get started now.
Anmol Verma shows how to write some different types of tests for a Kotlin Multiplatform app.
This blog post highlights the key features and improvements introduced in Koin 3.4.1 and Koin Annotations 1.2.1.
Gain insights into the mobile user experience with comprehensive support for app hangs, user terminations, and incident details. Simplified error reproduction, the new flame graph engine visualizes stack traces leading up to Application Not Responding (ANR) errors, making error reproduction a breeze, and much more.
Baruch Nurilov sums up what are the most important things that application developers should keep in mind when approaching library development.
Tomáš Repčík covers testing of the MVI/MVVM architecture built with flows made easy.
Kristen Halper announces an update to the TwoPaneLayout library! You can now use TwoPaneLayoutNav with destinations that accept navigation arguments.
Jolanda Verhoef shows how to implement multi-select behavior in Jetpack Compose, similar to the Google Photos functionality.
Garan Jenkin considers how metrics from connected Wear OS devices can enhance the workout experience.
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Libraries & Code
The Timeline project is an open-source Android application designed to help users track and manage their events, add tags to categorize them, and filter events using queries and tags
Compose Hammer is a Jetpack Compose Material3 UI builder plugin that supports 58+ Material3 components and 30+ Jetpack Compose code patterns like remember, mutableStateOf, LaunchedEffects, animations, layouts, and more!
Google is continuing into the next phase of the Android development cycle. Beta 3 takes Android 14 to Platform Stability, which means that the developer APIs and all app-facing behaviors are now final.
Dan Galpin covers the top three announcements around Android and App Quality from Google I/O 2023.
Videos & Podcasts
Daniel Atitienei teaches how to draw on Canvas in Jetpack Compose.
Philipp Lackner shows how you can use resources in the shared module of your KMM project.
Meet Madona Wambua, an Android #GDE from the USA. Madona used her knowledge of Java to build her first app, which led her to the Women Techmakers Academy.
Gain crucial insights into Jetpack Compose testing and implement impactful strategies to ensure top-notch app quality assurance with Charfaoui Younes.
Join Domi and Jose live, as they talk to Paul Asjes about collecting payments on Android with Google Pay and Stripe.
The Coding with Italians team dives deep into the exciting world of foldable devices, tablets, and large-screen devices with Roberto Orgiu.
In this video, learn what you need to do to address the new data deletion controls in the Data safety section before the December 7, 2023 deadline.
Kotlin 1.8.20 introduces the newest multiplatform compilation target for Kotlin – WebAssembly
Playlist of all the presentations from Android Makers by droidcon.
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