Issue #575

June 18th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
App size is one of the important metrics which impacts the conversion rate. Akash Khunt shows how to add ongoing monitoring so that you keep control over time.
Fran Soto shows how to simulate and animate a split-flap display.
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Rodrigo Dominguez explores five simple yet powerful animations that can bring life and enhance the experience of Android applications.
Talha Fakıoğlu discusses what Accessibility is, how to use Accessibility in Jetpack Compose, and how to write an Accessibility test.
Abhishek Saxena examines the Builder Design pattern, and how it can be implemented in Kotlin code.
Mirzamehdi Karimov walks you through his strategies to successfully make an Android app work on iOS without writing any Swift code, using Kotlin Multiplatform and JetBrains Multiplatform Compose.
Saqib explores different ways to make Composable lifecycle-aware and the differences between Composable’s lifecycle and View’s lifecycle.
Anmol Verma writes some example code showing how to write and maintain unit tests in a Kotlin Multiplatform environment.
Matthias Schenk delves into Exception handling using the Either type from the Arrow library.
Maia Grotepass experiments with Fleet's AI tool to convert some Kotlin code between imperative and functional implementations.
Alex Zhukovich explores how to add pull-to-refresh with Jetpack Compose, including customization and triggering it in tests.
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Libraries & Code
Access sensor data for any Android device easily using Jetpack Compose
Show off your Play Store™ app's downloads and rating in your repo Usage
Videos & Podcasts
Charfaoui Younes shares some crucial insights into Jetpack Compose testing and implements impactful strategies to ensure top-notch app quality assurance.
Philipp Lackner talks about what the back stack is on Android and how tasks work.
A webinar hosted by the Google Play Partnerships team, where you’ll learn about aspects of quality that affect app discoverability on Google Play and get the latest best practices about how to monitor and improve app quality
The Fragmented team talk to Siggi Jonsson to guide us through the complex and often confusing world of Android app modularization.
Nicola Corti dives into the world of content creation with Jorge Castillo. Jorge is the author of the blog & newsletter Effective Android and the author of Jetpack Compose internals book.
Meet Zarah Dominguez, an Android GDE from Australia. Hear Zarah’s story on what it means to her to be part of the Android GDE community and how it’s impacted her career.
Gergely Orosz shares more details about GitHub's new survey on developer productivity and AI coding tools.