Issue #579

July 16th, 2023
Android Weekly Updates
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Articles & Tutorials
Paul Blundell examines the Kotlin anti-pattern known as “Also this is null”
A cheat sheet for setting up a multiplatform application, using Koin for injecting dependencies into shared and platform-specific code.
Joe Roskopf is ready to streamline your module creation by introducing the Module Maker plugin.
Eevis Panula goes through the list of modifiers for Composable components that help make the app more accessible.
TJ Dahunsi writes about a practical functional reactive implementation of unidirectional data flow with Kotlin coroutines and Flows.
Alex Mamo demonstrates a simple solution for integrating Cloud Firestore with OpenAI ChatGPT on Android using Jetpack Compose.
Thibaut Gilbert demonstrates optimizing the startup time of an Android app, using Android Studio monitoring and performance tools belt.
Pierre-Yves Ricau summarizes findings on Android app launch after a few years of deep dives, with the hope that these guidelines help implementations track app launches correctly.
Colin White writes about the path to Coil 3.0, the next major iteration of Coil that focuses on adding support for Kotlin Multiplatform.
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Libraries & Code
Multiplatform wavy slider/progress bar similar to the one in Android 13
Cross-platform test runner written for Android and iOS projects
Google Dev Library has featured outstanding contributions from developers worldwide. Read on to learn about their projects and insights.
Google has released Android 14 Beta 4, continuing work on polish and performance as we get closer to the general availability release of Android 14.
Google announced expanded developer verification requirements in our Play Console Requirements policy.
This is a plugin that allows one to create modules without having to copy / paste / modify existing modules.
Videos & Podcasts
Anton Malinskiy joins Nicola Corti to talk about a problem that most Mobile developers face in their career: flaky tests. They talk about Marathon, the Mobile UI Test runner.
Philipp Lackner shows how to build a fully working contacts list app for iOS & Android by using the new Compose Multiplatform for KMM projects.
Theresa, Product Marketing Manager for Android and Google Play, shares important updates from our July 2023 Google Play policy announcements.
Explore the diverse landscape of Java versions within the Android ecosystem with guest Michael Bailey.
Meet Dinorah Tovar, an Android #GDE from Mexico. Dinorah shares how the GDE program has evolved to better support student clubs and encourage the next generation of developers.
Charfaoui Younes teaches about Compose Side Effects API. Get to know all the options you have to create outstanding compose UIs.
Learn about the processes of developing a game for the Android platform using one of the most popular tools used for game development, Unity
Learn more about what it takes to grow skills as a solo mobile developer, get some advice for Android developers working with their iOS dev peers, and what Allie means when she says she’s an “iOS-lite” developer.
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