Issue #580

July 23rd, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Gabriel Peal describes a slew of bug fixes, new features, and under-the-hood improvements for Lottie 6.1, as well as a deep dive into performance.
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In this concise article, Saul explores the utilization of Gradle Version Catalogs + Gradle Precompiled Scripts using Gradle Kotlin DSL
Radek Pieczątkiewicz examines the official solution for passing arguments between Compose screens and reviews a few issues you might encounter.
Y-Charts is a Jetpack Compose-based charts/graphs library that enables developers to easily integrate various types of charts/graphs into their existing UI to visually represent statistical data.
Donovan LaDuke shares the steps to adopting Adaptive Icons in your app to give your users the best experience.
Alejandro Zurcher shares a small example of how to make our Composables a bit more animated.
Alejandro Zurcher goes through the key elements for handling navigation in Compose and adds some transitions to it using the latest navigation library.
Maxim Petlyuk's deep dive into how to integrate an Android app with Firebase App Check to protect your backend from unknown and malicious sources.
Miguel Olivera shows how to mock the responses from the server with code, with no need to use external network tools like Charles.
Jake Wharton announces Molecule 1.0, a Compose-based library for managing application state.
Pierre-Yves Ricau shows how Android memory leaks lead to jank, freezes and ANRs more often than they lead to OutOfMemoryError crashes.
Joe Birch dives into composables that can be used to create apps for Android TV.
Bevan Steele gives a quick primer into the basic usage of the Android Views compatibility API in Compose apps to use a "legacy" Android View widget.
Karol Wrótniak teaches the why and how of creating accessible mobile apps for Android OS.
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Libraries & Code
YCharts is a graph library for Android
Build a StateFlow stream using Jetpack Compose
Videos & Podcasts
Yanneck Reiß walks through implementing Paging3 in your Android app using Jetpack Compose and Android Room.
Alex Mamo explains how to handle push notifications when the app is in the foreground or in the background on Android.
Charfaoui Younes teaches about Compose Side Effects API. get to know all the options you have to create outstanding compose UIs.
Romain, Tor, and Chet talk with Leland Richardson, George Mount, and Chuck Jazdzewski from the Jetpack Compose team about performance.
Philipp Lackner teaches about content providers in Android and how you can use them to query data from other apps.