Issue #581

July 30th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
In this two-part series, Uberto Barbini aims to guide you through the process of creating a functional library from scratch.
Ed Holloway-George's accompanying blog post for his recent Droidcon Berlin 2023 talk “How to stop the Gradle Snatchers: Securing your builds from baddies” .
Darryl Bayliss was pleasantly surprised to see the Google Maps team catching up with the times and releasing their own Compose library. He takes a look at how to use it.
In honor of Android Studio's ten-year anniversary, Annyce Davis lists ten features that will make you fall in love ❤️ with Android Studio.
A closeup look into how the Android Studio team built Live Edit; a feature that accelerates the Compose development process by continuously updating the running application as code changes are made.
Alex Mamo shares a simple solution for integrating Cloud Firestore with PaLM API on Android using Jetpack Compose.
Rafa Garcia shows how composable Use Cases are a great way to effectively model the domain logic and show how they’re a scalable solution as the more Use Cases we write.
Joe Birch explores alternative Lazy Composables that are designed specifically for use in TV apps, how to use them, and why they should be used over the traditional Lazy APIs.
Ivan Morgillo shows how to combine Git hooks and Detekt in order to assure that every push operation adheres to a code quality standard.
Eeva-Jonna Panula is writing a series of blog posts to help you to build more accessible graphs with Jetpack Compose.
To make writing apps that look great on foldables and large screens as easy as possible, Thomas Künneth started an open-source library called compose_adaptive_scaffold.
Jacob Ras shares an overview of popular apps using Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) and resources they’ve shared about it.
Stephen Siapno revisits the fundamentals of Clean Architecture, and also delves into powerful concepts that can enhance and simplify (or overcomplicate?) our codebase.
Kashif Mehmood shows how to implement Compose Multiplatform Video Players for iOS, Android & Desktop!
Alexey Bykov shares a brief overview of caching in Gradle and addresses any confusion about it.
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Libraries & Code
Make supporting large screens and foldables a breeze
Compose stable markers to tell some guarantees to the compose compiler
Google announced the stable release of Android Studio Giraffe 🦒 : The official IDE for building Android apps!
Google is no longer supporting KitKat in future releases of Google Play services.
Google is introducing four major updates to help users find high-quality large-screen apps on Play: refreshed app listing pages, ranking and quality improvements, streamlined store navigation, and a split-screen search experience.
Google lists four more reasons to ensure your app looks great across all your user’s favorite screens.
Google announced the beta release of Credential Manager with a finalized API surface, making it suitable for use in production.
Videos & Podcasts
All the presentations from droidcon San Francisco 2023
Breens Robert shows how apps like Netflix, Amazon, and Apple TV restrict users from recording or taking screenshots of their copyrighted movies and shows.
Nicola Corti enjoyed the privilege of having on stage Boris Farber and Tomáš Mlynarič from Google to tell us about What’s New in Android
Playlist of all the presentations from Android Worldwide July 2023