Issue #582

August 6th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Bevan Steele shows how to add Jetpack Compose Permissions to your app.
Gain insights into the mobile user experience with comprehensive support for app hangs, user terminations, and incident details. Simplified error reproduction, the new flame graph engine visualizes stack traces leading up to Application Not Responding (ANR) errors, making error reproduction a breeze, and much more.
Ekaterina Volodko shares how JetBrains is focusing on enhancing rendering performance and providing smooth, glitchless, and jank-free animation in Compose Multiplatform.
SaqibM shows how to create a workflow for Android Lint using GitHub Actions.
André Oriani shows how to code libraries that your iOS teammates will not frown upon using them. In this chapter: Exceptions!
Stephen Siapno examines how to implement a Use Case that follows the principles of the Fluent and Fun Clean Architecture Series.
To help stabilize the new Kotlin K2 compiler and make sure you’re ready for Kotlin 2.0, Google is encourage you to try compiling your projects with the new compiler.
Maia Grotepass makes the case for replacing LiveData with StateFlow and MutableLiveData with MutableStateFlow.
Shreyas Patil makes a comparison between sleep() and delay() to make sure we use the right one.
Marco Gomiero announces the release of FeedFlow, a minimalistic and opinionated RSS Reader built for Android, iOS & macOS using Kotlin and Compose Multiplatform.
Donovan LaDuke shares a quick tip for an issue when testing a Flow result from a combine operator using the Turbine library.
Gergely Orosz analyzes the shutdown of Firebase Dynamic Links, and what that means for developers.
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Libraries & Code
FeedFlow is a minimalistic and opinionated RSS Reader available on Android, iOS and macOS.
Google's bringing back the Indie Games Fund for 2023 to selected small games studios based in Latin America.
Google introduces the Media Developer Center, a new hub for documentation on Android media use cases and the place to find information you need to create best-in-class multi-device apps.
Google shows how some developers are taking advantage of the new Health Connect APIs.
Videos & Podcasts
Charfaoui Younes explains the concepts behind the Test Builder pattern and demonstrate its practical application in real-world scenarios so you can enhance your testing skills.
Alex Mamo explains a simple solution for integrating Cloud Firestore with PaLM API on Android using Jetpack Compose.
Philipp Lackner shows how you can use the Material3 toolbar in a user friendly way with all the recommended scrolling animations.
Live Edit introduces a new way to edit your app’s Compose UI by instantly deploying code changes to the running application on a physical device or emulator.
Yanneck Reiß integrates the Text Recognition API with CameraX and Jetpack Compose, building a feature that detects and displays text from your camera feed in real-time.
A quick note on how the Google Play Pre Launch Report reports on accessibility issues in your app.
Videos of all the presentations from Droidcon Berlin 2023