Issue #583

August 13th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
André Oriani teaches how to code libraries that your teammates will not frown upon using them. In this chapter: enums and sealed classes.
A two-day, free event with 40+ workshops and sessions brought to you by 50+ industry-leading speakers from eBay, Reddit, AWS and more. Learn from real-world examples of successful Mobile DevOps implementations. Check out our speaker list.
K2 is the new front end for the Kotlin compiler. Iñaki Villar shares the results of using it in the "nowinandroid" project.
Guilherme Delgado explores techniques to update your Compose-driven UI, particularly when employing it to share layouts with iOS.
Ryan Harter examines the elegance of the javax.inject.Provider interface.
Donovan J. LaDuke examines a pattern to clarify and streamline the state so that we can treat it as a single stream of data.
Joe Birch explores the additional APIs built specifically for TV experience apps, how we can use them, and why they should be used over the traditional TabRow composable APIs.
sinasamaki looks into how to build a system to easily create unique shake animations using a custom Modifier.
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We are looking for a Staff Engineer to join MyFitnessPal to drive technical direction, empower and coach others, while delivering on the product roadmap. This role will focus on one of most important features, for our 13m+ users, if you have Kotlin Coroutines and Flows we’d love to talk.
We are Scruff & Jack’d, two of the world’s largest LGBTQ+ dating apps on Android. We are hiring experienced Android developers to help us build the next-generation version of Scruff and Jack’d. We’re looking to hire experienced engineers from South America, North America, and Europe.
Libraries & Code
A Simple, Customizable, Easy-to-use OTP/Pin Jetpack Compose Library
Jetpack Compose UI Architecture Plugin provides a set of templates that to make the development of new Jetpack Compose features faster.
IntelliJ plugin for writing IntelliJ plugins at runtime
Desktop tool to quickly explore disassembled Kotlin code.
Compose Multiplatform UI components for iOS (Cupertino Widgets) and more.
Powerful clock app using Material Design 3 (You) and Jetpack Compose
Jetpack WindowManager is one of the most important libraries for optimizing your Android app for different form factors. This release is a major milestone that includes a number of new features and improvements.
You can simply add a few lines of code to your app, and you'll be able to start using emojis right away.
Version 1.2 of Compose for Wear OS and Wear Tiles libraries have reached the stable milestone with a number of new features.
As part of the Compose August ‘23 Bill of Materials, Google released version 1.5 of Jetpack Compose. This release largely focuses on performance improvements, as major parts of the modifier refactor are now merged.
With the official release of Android 14 only weeks away, Google has released Beta 5, the last scheduled update in our Android 14 beta program.
Android 14 introduces a new feature called Selected Photos Access, and with the release fast approaching, developers should test to make sure their apps continue to work correctly.
Startup Success Days is an event series designed to bring together Founders, Developers, Mentors, VCs, Industry leaders and Googlers
Android 14 introduces support to disable 2G support in a managed device fleet and also introduces a feature that disables support for null-ciphered cellular connectivity.
Jetpack Compose UI Architecture Plugin provides a set of templates that to make the development of new Jetpack Compose features faster
Videos & Podcasts
Nicola Corti hosts Dmitry Kandalov, the author of LivePlugin. With LivePlugin you can easily create IDE Plugins for IntelliJ (and other JetBrains IDEs) in the blink of an eye,
Anastasia Matveeva, Brian Cooley, and Scarlett Iu will explore factors like thread queues, suboptimal main thread usage, unnecessary UI dependencies, late scheduling of network requests, sequential execution of network requests, timer dependency, and legacy code.
Philipp Lackner teaches about Bottom App Bars in Material3, how you can add menu items and a floating action button to it. Furthermore, he talks about all UX best practices.
Charfaoui Younes explains the step-by-step process of setting up Maven Publishing and utilizing GitHub Packages to make your library accessible to other developers.
Covering the stable release of Android Studio Giraffe, updates on the new K2 compiler, and Jetpack Compose Live Edit.
In this video, Marina will walk you through how to get started with Firebase Authentication in an Android app that was built with Jetpack Compose.
In this episode, hear from Instabee engineers who use Compose Multiplatform on iOS in Production.
Mohamad Rejeb is starting a series on building a Compose Multiplatform app from scratch. This playlist will contain all the presentations in the series.
In this blog post, Eevis Panula discusses who is default and who is not, the defaults in tech, and finally, using the default for good.