Issue #585

August 27th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Stephen Siapno helps unlock code potential by embracing high-order functions for creative thinking
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Ben Trengrove provides an update on the future of some of the Accompanist libraries.
Dave Leeds shows how to extend open and abstract classes as an alternative approach to interfaces and delegates.
Paul Blundell shows how to make your activity use full brightness when presenting barcodes or QR codes that require maximum contrast.
Donovan LaDuke's quick tip for quickly previewing font choices in Jetpack Compose.
Bevan Steele shares a tip to make sure your Kotlin library can be built as a shared multiplatform library.
Sergio Sastre Florez introduces us to the concept of screenshot testing and compares three libraries on Android.
Alejandro Moya demonstrates moving business logic to Koltin Multiplatform in small steps and without breaking the existing codebase in the process.
Igor Wojda introduces Konsist, a new cutting-edge architectural linter.
Shreyas Patil discusses an issue that can arise in Jetpack Compose when using LazyList together with clickable list items.
Google released a new quick guide to common animations in Jetpack Compose.
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Libraries & Code
Konsist is a library that guards the consistency of Kotlin projects by promoting the standardization of the Kotlin codebase. It enforces coding conventions and project architecture.
A Gradle plugin to automate macro-benchmark on baseline profile. Run your macro-benchmark tests for profile verification on Firbase test lab and verify benchmark result JSON
Calf is a library that allows you to easily create adaptive UIs for your Compose Multiplatform apps.
Wouldn’t it be great if each update improved start-up times, execution speed, and memory usage of your apps? Google Play system updates for the Android Runtime (ART) do just that.
JetBrains has released Kotlin 1.9.10
Videos & Podcasts
Learn how to implement the CameraX API in Jetpack Compose with Charfaoui Younes.
This video covers the basic steps of creating a version catalog file, migrating dependencies, and plugins, and also provides some tips and tricks.
Philipp Lackner teaches about creating Bottom Sheets in Material3 with Jetpack Compose.
Jov Mit shows how to build a simple list in Jetpack Compose.