Issue #586

September 3rd, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Victor Brandalise's quick walkthrough of building an app widget using Jetpack Glance.
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Igor Wojda focuses on consistency and refactors a simple imaginary project to unify its codebase using Konsist linter to assure that it goes smoothly.
Ed Holloway-George continues this series, exploring more of the OWASP Top 10 for Mobile. This time it's all about authentication.
Joe Birch offers a workaround for espresso tests interacting with Compose views that were no longer working after porting from Android Views.
Aleksander Jaworski shows how to set up a Continuous Integration for a Kotlin Multiplatform repository.
Zarah Dominguez documents how to build a shell script that smoothly handles multiple attached devices when using adb to test deep links.
Igor Escodro documents all the big-picture steps, tips, and challenges he faced during the migration of an Android app to Kotlin Multiplatform.
Dylan Roussel takes a look at the new Jetpack Compose library: “Material 3 Adaptive".
André Oriani teaches how to code Kotlin libraries that your iOS teammates will not frown upon using them. In this chapter: generics
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Libraries & Code
Essenty brings both Android Parcelable interface and the @Parcelize annotation from kotlin-parcelize compiler plugin to Kotlin Multiplatform, so they both can be used in common code.
Dagger 2.48 includes the alpha release of the Dagger and Hilt KSP processors
This script allows running an adb command (deeplinks, specifically) dynamically - i.e. ask for which device to send a command to if there are multiple devices found.
Compose Multiplatform 1.5.0 is available for you to use. It takes the Jetpack Compose declarative UI framework for Kotlin and extends it beyond Android to desktop, iOS, and web
Google Maps announces new solar, air quality, and pollen APIs
Videos & Podcasts
Stefan Jovanović examines why several parts of the Accompanist library are being deprecated.
Charfaoui Younes Teaches step-by-step how to implement screenshot testing in Android using the Shot library.
Philipp Lackner considers how you can get rid of Dagger-Hilt and start manually injecting your dependencies to have the same advantages while minimizing build time and errors.