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September 10th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
In the previous article, Aleksander Jaworski showed how to set up a CI for a Kotlin Multiplatform repository. In this post, he focuses on how to remove GitHub Actions boilerplate.
Release week, step 1: open 12 browser tabs. Release week, step 2, open 12 more tabs. With Runway, it doesn't have to be this way. Stop by our booth and see us in action at Droidcon NYC this week (if you're going to be there), or visit our website via this ad if you're not.
André Oriani creates a Compose Button from scratch and apply Separation of Concerns.
SKIE, Touchlab's tool to bridge Kotlin and Swift APIs for Kotlin Multiplatform, has been released as open source.
Create multi platform automations across Android, iOS and webviews with Appetize AppRecorder. Capture and replay user journeys in the browser with minimal coding. AppRecorder is available on the Free plan. Check out the demo and start building multi platform automations today!
Abu Yousuf's easy implementation guide for using Paging 3 with both a traditional UI and Jetpack Compose.
Waseef Akhtar looks into building a form sheet using Compose and Material Design 3.
A look at how Google launched a game powered by the latest ARCore technology - Geospatial API, Streetscape Geometry API, and Geospatial Creator.
Eevis Panula discusses device-independent pixels and looks at how to convert them to pixels and back.
In certain scenarios the built in matchers are insufficient for identifying the exact node you need to access for testing. Donovan LaDuke shares the steps needed to write custom matchers.
Pierre-Yves Ricau shares a Kotlin script for comparing two set of macrobenchmark data.
Mike Yerou shows how to make sure that Gradle on the command line and Android Studio end up using the same version of Java.
John O'Reilly take a look at creating shared Compose charts for all 3 platforms, using KoalaPlot’s recent support for Compose for iOS.
A redesigned Google Fonts website helps you find the right fonts and icons for your project.
Libraries & Code
Elevate your Android Compose UI with stunning custom shadows
Enrich your Android Compose UI with fading edges
Empower your Android Compose UI with mesmerizing levitation effects
Polish your Android Compose UI with advanced scrollbars
A Swift-friendly API Generator for Kotlin Multiplatform
Google announced the latest cohort of the Google for Startups Accelerator: Black Founders program as it embarks on its fourth year serving Black founders in the U.S. and Canada.
Google has updated the Android visual identity that better represents the community.
Videos & Podcasts
Jov Mit looks at a way to prompt the user using AlertDialog composable.
Charfaoui Younes teaches how to create the perfect splash screen for Android using Jetpack Compose.
As a prelude to exploring the newly-stable Timing API in Kotlin 1.9, Dave Leeds checks out the difference between a wall clock and a monotonic clock!
In this deep dive, explore three powerful concepts that every Kotlin developer should have in their toolkit: Generics, Type Erasure, and Reflection.
Video series covering how to use Google Play Console's store listing experiments and custom store listings.