Issue #589

September 24th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
The Android team published a guide to help you with the basics of using Continuous Integration.
Solving ANRs is a real pain. We’ve got tips. Join us on Tuesday, Sep 26th to learn what types of ANRs matter most for your app, understand how different detection mechanisms compare, and see how Sentry can help you detect and solve ANRs fast. Register early to get your questions answered live.
Simona Milanović details a “common UI first” migration strategy of a View sample to Jetpack Compose, guiding you through the steps, and why you might consider a similar approach for your Compose migration.
Marco Gomiero covers how to use the @HiddenFromObjC and @ObjCName annotations to improve the architecture of a Kotlin Multiplatform app.
Donovan LaDuke examines the kotlinx.collections.immutable library, specifically the Persistent and Immutable versions of common collection classes like List.
Victor Brandalise examines Jetpack Glance, a library built on top of Jetpack Compose that allows you to build these widgets for Android.
Koin 3.5 has arrived with a host of important updates and features that will enhance your Koin & Kotlin experience.
Nikita shares why to migrate to a new architecture with FlovMVI and describes what the benefits were.
Annyce Davis covers the benefits of using GraphQL in production, such as how it can streamline API development and improve data retrieval.
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Google welcomes the inaugural cohort to the Startups Accelerator: AI First.
Google has expanded Studio Bot to over 170 countries and territories in the canary release channel of Android Studio.
Videos & Podcasts
Yanneck Reiß guides you through the steps to extend the code base of a previous video to finally create a simple photo app with Jetpack Compose.
Jov Mit worked on a background parallax effect for tabs, similar to any Android Launcher app. Here are the results!
Philipp Lackner teaches how you can create a categorized lazy column, for example for a contact list.
Learn how to add a beautiful animated border in Jetpack Compose.
Special guest Daniele Bonaldo joins Ivan Morgillo and Sebastiano Poggi to craft a unique Wear OS watch face for an open-source app, and speculates about the features of Wear OS 4.
The new UI for Android Studio aims to reduce complexity, provide easier access to essential features, and disclose complex functionality as needed
In this episode of ADB, Tor and Romain chat with Greg Baker and Joe Baker-Malone about exciting new Android Studio features made possible by @Firebase integration
In this episode of Talking Kotlin, listen to Rick Clephas, one of the Kotlin Foundation Grants Program winners and the creator of KMP-NativeCoroutines and KMM-ViewModel.