Issue #590

October 1st, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
A code lab for integrating Adaptability features into your Android Native game.
This eBook will help you get rid of ANRs that hurt your user experience and your Play Store ranking. Learn how the Android framework actually monitors and triggers ANRs, why Google's data is limited, and what better approaches you can take today to finally solve ANRs.
A quick public service announcement by Adam Bennet on working with feature flags.
Stefano Natali examines how screenshot testing can be a welcome addition to your project.
A two-day, free event with 40+ workshops and sessions brought to you by 50+ industry-leading speakers from eBay, Reddit, AWS and more. Learn from real-world examples of successful Mobile DevOps implementations. Check out our speaker list.
Abu Yousuf's easy guide to test PagingSource.
Saqib considers some best practices for using Compose Navigation in a multi-module app.
An update from Jacob Ras about using a Result type to make your use case code more readable.
This guide describes how to use the Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF) to optimize games based on the dynamic thermal, CPU, and GPU management features on Android.
In this post Sven Nähler explains how he leverages several Kotlin features to increase performance and developer experience in the render engine.
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A look at how Kakao Games used the Android Adaptability tools and libraries to understand and respond to changing performance, thermal, and user situations in real time.
Videos & Podcasts
Dave Leeds takes a tour through the main features of the newly stable Kotlin Timing API so that you can start using durations and time marks like a pro!
This playlist contains all 6 parts of this course, allowing you to build a Todo app using Cloud Firestore and MVI design pattern.
Moshen dives into an important concept in Android development - BOM or Bill of Materials dependencies.
Charfaoui Younes guides you through JUnit5 Parametrized Testing in Kotlin, so you can create efficient tests with less code and achieve higher code coverage.
A quick intro on how to add custom fonts to your Compose screens.
Monika Kumar Jethani examines how generative AI can improve a software developer’s productivity by assisting them in various software development tasks.
Have an idea, but don't know where to start? Follow the steps described in this article by Mike Wolfson to develop a well-rounded roadmap.
Gergely Orosz interviews about the experience between working at a startup, and working at a large company.