Issue #591

October 8th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Arnaud Giuliani dives into the exciting enhancements in Koin for Jetpack Compose, version 1.5.0, and explore how they can supercharge your Compose projects.
Capture app reviews automatically, replay review sessions, and compare ratings across releases. Instabug automatically identifies sessions linked to app reviews, allowing you to seamlessly debug them using session replay. Unlock your app excellence and delight your users with Instabug’s all-in-one platform. Learn More.
Matthias Schenk shares insights into the first experience with Konsist, a static code analyzer for the Kotlin language.
Demystifying Generics: A comprehensive exploration of type variance in Kotlin and its practical implications in software development.
Victor Brandalise looks at the differences in Cloud Functions v2.
Donovan LaDuke looks at the two major approaches to dependency inversion (Dependency Injection and Service Location) and considers why choosing between these two could matter more than you realize.
This post walks through how to deploy a Ktor service Docker container from Artifact Registry to Cloud Run Using Gradle.
Christophe Beyls continues a series discussing the usage of Kotlin Flow, this time looking at automatic periodic refresh of the user interface.
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Libraries & Code
Akkurate is a validation library taking advantage of the expressive power of Kotlin.
Sample Android chat application demonstrating how to follow Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), by writing unit tests that test the behavior and not the implementation.
Continue to be inspired by the amazing WeArePlay stories of app and game creators on Google Play, from all corners of the Earth.
Google Pixel Watch 2 is here and brings the capabilities of Wear OS 4 to users; get your app ready for the latest software and devices!
Google has released Android 14 and pushed the Android 14 source to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).
Videos & Podcasts
Charfaoui Younes teaches why you shouldn't test your private functions and the rationale behind it. Then in case you really need it, how you can perform such tests with Reflection in Kotlin and Java.
AndroidX's new Component Activity's Edge to Edge is amazing.
The Code with the Italians team takes a deep dive into the riveting world of UX/UI design, accompanied by our esteemed guest, Chris Sinco from Google!
In this comprehensive guide, dive deep into Kotlin's powerful Map collection and explore how it can be used to solve real-world programming challenges.
In this episode, hear developer advocate Arthur Thompson talk about some of Firebase's newer products and how they can help you achieve great app quality.
Philipp Lackner teaches how you can integrate a camera feed directly into your app with the CameraX library. This allows you full control over the camera.
In this episode, Ritesh Gupta talks about how he became involved with KMP as an iOS developer, as well as how to get KMP buy-in from fellow iOS devs and advice for Android developers.
Jov Mit teaches how to optimize for accessibility services using Jetpack Compose.
Learn how App Check tokens work so you can safely use them with your high value services.
A look at the key ways to ensure exceptional software quality on mobile including the pyramid of testing, performance and stability metrics, scalability and maintainability.