Issue #592

October 15th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Kevin Galligan's series of articles about KMMBridge, a tool that allows you to publish Xcode Framework binaries from Kotlin that can be distributed, for your team internally, or to outside developers.
Take our brief (<5 minutes) survey about what it’s like working as a mobile engineer. The first 100 respondents get a $25 gift card, and all respondents get a free copy of the final insights.
Newcomers have struggled to understand why Dagger is used, what Dependency Injection is, and how to set Dependency Injection up in their own projects. Daniel Perez shares this introduction for those getting started.
Arnaud Giuliani announces Koin Annotations 1.3, which brings a groundbreaking feature that allows you to activate compile-time safety!
Abu Yousuf shares a guide to manage and present loading states when using the AndroidX paging library.
Arildo Borges Jr presents a new tool to make network mocks easier on Retrofit, Volley and any OkHttp based tool.
Rohan Maity introduces a new tool to test your apps for flaky and slow networks to see how they behave under flaky conditions.
Chris Assigbe examines Device Streaming in Android Studio, which allows you to access the real physical devices you need when you need them, all directly from within Android Studio.
Pavel Ryabov recently released a Firebase Extension called FlowLinks that offers a powerful alternative to Dynamic Links, featuring must-have features and an easy set-up process.
Joe Birch examines the new Screenshot Detection API in Android 14, which allows apps to reliably check when a screenshot has been captured.
Mike Yerou takes a look at DownloadManager, a class provided by the Android OS since version 2, as the most convenient solution to implement file downloads in your app.
Marcin Moskała writes about extensions - a powerful Kotlin feature that is often used to create convenient and meaningful utils and to control our code better.
Sagar Khurana breaks down strategies for writing efficient composables in this multi-part series.
Lahiru Jayawickrama's step-by-step instructions on integrating Konsist with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.
Dave Leeds covers data classes and destructuring in Kotlin.
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Libraries & Code
A kotlin-first tool to intercept android network calls, modify requests/responses and mock entire APIs. Also includes a cool DSL, that helps to reduce boilerplate code and simplify development.
A flaky network simulator for your mobile app
AnyPass: A Compose Multiplatform app for your all-in-one password management.
A Kotlin Multiplatform app that helps users enhance their productivity and time management skills through focused work intervals and short breaks.
Image Generator is available as an early, experimental solution, allowing you to easily generate images entirely on-device in as quickly as ~15 seconds.
Videos & Podcasts
Yanneck Reiß shows how to provide the best user-experience for all of your users with adaptive layouts for foldable smartphones using Jetpack Compose!
Jov Mit shares an approach to create and style tabs in Jetpack Compose.
Charfaoui Younes shows how to use the Foreign Keys in Room database to create relationships between entities for one-to-one relationships and one-to-many relationships.
In this video, Jolanda shows you how to create beautiful, rich interactions. After this video, you’ll be able to reason about, and easily implement custom gestures.
Philipp Lackner teaches how you can integrate a Tensorflow Lite model into your Android app to recognize landmarks with your camera by using the CameraX library.
Maestro is a simple and effective mobile UI testing framework, built on learnings from its predecessors (Appium, Espresso, UIAutomator, XCTest) and allows you to easily define and test your Flows.
Videos of all the presentations from Droidcon NYC 2023