Issue #593

October 22nd, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Ben Weiss lists all the changes in this big release, bringing stable Baseline Profiles, new benchmarking modes, full tracing and more.
Release week, step 1: open 12 browser tabs. Release week, step 2, open 12 more tabs. With Runway, it doesn't have to be this way. Stop by our booth and see us in action at Droidcon NYC this week (if you're going to be there), or visit our website via this ad if you're not.
Chris Arriola covers how to think about View APIs from the Compose perspective, and how you can wrap existing View-based libraries in Compose.
sinasamaki shows how to create custom dialog animations using Jetpack Compose animation composables such as AnimatedVisibility.
Capture app reviews automatically, replay review sessions, and compare ratings across releases. Instabug automatically identifies sessions linked to app reviews, allowing you to seamlessly debug them using session replay. Unlock your app excellence and delight your users with Instabug’s all-in-one platform. Learn More.
Arnaud Giuliani describes the changes in the updated version of Koin Annotations 1.3 that came with Koin 3.5.
Pavel Lahoda shows how to set up KSP in your Kotlin Multiplatform project.
Marcin Moskała writes a chapter on everything to do with Kotlin reflection.
Aayush Chaudhary delves into why Google deprecated the onBackPressed() functions and what changes we need to make after this change.
Damian Petla shows how to make a TextField that displays a price formatted with the user’s device currency.
Donovan LaDuke explains Maven Bill of Materials (BOM), and how to streamline the consumption of their dependencies in your Gradle build.
Paul Blundell explains how you can inject dependencies into Android legacy singletons, or any classes that aren’t conforming to your current Android architecture, using Dagger & Hilt.
Jigar Brahmbhatt shows you how to personalize Kermit Logger, making your Kotlin Multiplatform logging experience uniquely yours.
Ryan Harter examines why screenshot tests are great for knowing when things change visually, but come with the burden of manually validating those changes.
Android 14 is here, and Kirill Rozov examines all the important changes that will affect most application developers.
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Libraries & Code
Android library to scope ViewModels to a Composable, surviving configuration changes and navigation
Compose Dialogs for Android - M3 design, dialog + bottom sheet style, easily extendible
Compose Debug Drawer for Android - M3 design, easily extensible
A library providing consistent APIs for installing and uninstalling apps on an Android device.
Videos & Podcasts
Darryl Bayliss' Londroid presentation on Jetpack Compose for Maps
Philipp Lackner shows how you can implement pinch, zoom and rotate gestures on any Composable in Android Studio.
Charfaoui Younes teaches the concept of mutation testing and how you can apply it in Kotlin.
Snapchat collaborated with Google to implement night mode, tap-to-focus, and zoom features via Camera2 Extensions API on Pixel devices.
Laurie Darcey, Senior Engineering Manager and Eric Kuck, Principal Engineer share the story of how Reddit adopted Jetpack Compose for their design system and across many features.
Richard Zadorozny, software engineer at Threads, talks about the team's journey with Compose, what they liked about it, and how it made it faster and easier for them to launch their new app.
In this video, Rebecca Gutteridge is joined by by VP of Engineering for Android, Dave Burke. Dave discusses the latest with Android 14 from Generative AI, software performance, and much more!
Donn Felker introduces us to a "clarity doc", a purposeful piece of writing that you craft to help you distill your thoughts, opinions, and emotions on a subject you’re grappling with.