Issue #594

October 29th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Kirill Rozov takes a look at Android fragmentation, the reasons for its appearance, and why it is no longer relevant.
Join this 30 minute webinar from Embrace and see why Firebase has costly gaps that limit your app's success. You need complete context into every user experience so you can boost app performance and eliminate every cause of user frustration.
Eevis Panula takes a look at how to position elements on screen in Jetpack Compose by getting the y-position of an element and then creating an overlay.
Saurabh Arora explains the process of building the speedometer in Jetpack Compose and discusses the challenges.
Release week, step 1: open 12 browser tabs. Release week, step 2, open 12 more tabs. With Runway, it doesn't have to be this way. Stop by our booth and see us in action at Droidcon NYC this week (if you're going to be there), or visit our website via this ad if you're not.
Olwethu Pissot shows how well the Koin dependency injection framework integrates with Kotlin Multiplatform code.
Sam Cooper shows how the blocking coroutine builder can kickstart your coroutine journey, but you need to know the risks—and the alternatives.
Sherry Yuan explores what @Stable, @Immutable, ImmutableCollection, and PersistentCollection mean, and how they affect Jetpack Compose recomposition.
Mahmoud Afarideh explores embracing the idea of applying modifiers with the provided Modifier parameter.
Igor Escodro continues the series, diving into data sources, which libraries to use, and how to keep the data integrity during the migration.
James Williams lists the mix of functional changes and updates in Material Design Components for Android (MDC-Android) 1.10.0.
Pavel Ryabov shows an easy migration path for the deprecated Firebase Dynamic Links that can be done in just a couple of minutes.
Tomas Radvansky demonstrates a technique to prepopulate Firestore collections with data for testing and development purposes.
Alex Zhukovich examines the new "Regional Preferences" settings that appeared in Android 14.
Nirbhay Pherwani's deep dive with real-world examples for more expressive and efficient code in Kotlin.
Shreyas Patil shows how to collect the Kotlin Coroutines Flow items per required intervals in chunks without losing produced data.
Adib Faramarzi looks at how the functionality of sealed classes and exhaustive pattern matching can be an alternative solution for the Visitor pattern.
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Libraries & Code
Shuttle provides a modern, guarded way to pass large Serializable objects with Intents or saving them in Bundle objects to avoid app crashes from TransactionTooLargeExceptions
If you’re a Kotlin Multiplatform developer, JetBrains want to hear from you!
The Xcode Kotlin plugin from Touchlab allows you to browse and debug Kotlin code from within Xcode, and a patch has been released for Xcode 15.
Videos & Podcasts
An overview of the Shuttle Framework & Solution for Android
A presentation on how Meta built Threads for Android in 5 months and reached 50 million people while adopting Jetpack Compose for the first time for an entire app, and some learnings along the way.
Philipp Lackner teaches about main safety, what this means, and why it's important to ensure a fluent app experience.
Learn how to save state in Jetpack Compose by writing a custom saver.
Jov Mit shows how to integrate Version Catalogs into your Gradle builds.
Discover how KAYAK improved their authentication experience on Android with passkeys using the Credential Manager API with RxJava.
Charfaoui Younes teaches how to use custom fonts within Android using Jetpack compose.
Sebastian Aigner demonstrates Kotlin Notebook, a new cell-based interface for writing Kotlin which is visual, interactive, and allows you to explore code in entirely new ways.
Learn how it’s faster and easier to make excellent apps across devices with demos and more, including a live fireside Q&A with the team and a conversation with Android's Dave Burke!
Nicola Corti talks about static analysis and the Compose Rules project with Nacho Lopez.