Issue #595

November 6th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
In this article, embark on a step-by-step journey of making network requests using Retrofit and mastering image uploads.
RevenueCat provides a backend and a wrapper around Play Billing Library (and Apple's StoreKit) to make implementing and managing in-app purchases and subscriptions easy. Integrate in minutes. Try for free.
Garima Jain's in-depth look into how RecyclerView/ListAdapter implementations map to their Compose LazyList equivalents.
Aleksander Jaworski discusses how automating code and architecture checks in the Continuous Integration pipeline can significantly reduce Code Review time and prevent human forgetfulness.
Capture app reviews automatically, replay review sessions, and compare ratings across releases. Instabug automatically identifies sessions linked to app reviews, allowing you to seamlessly debug them using session replay. Unlock your app excellence and delight your users with Instabug’s all-in-one platform. Learn More.
Megh Lath explores RenderEffect by creating some cool examples with a rendering effect.
Konstantin Klassen shares an in-depth tutorial on animating list items as they move between sections, giving a beautiful transition animation.
Abhilash walks through recreating a date picker in Jetpack Compose.
Kamlesh Lakhani writes about the flowOn operator, used to specify the dispatcher on which the Flow should collect.
Donovan LaDuke is dedicating the whole month of November to articles discussing functional reactive programming (FRP) and working with Kotlin Flows.
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Libraries & Code
Haze is a library providing a 'glassmorpism' style blur for Compose Multiplatform.
An open-source platform designed for food delivery and taxi ordering, intended to demonstrate the capabilities of Kotlin. Includes Android & iOS mobile apps, services, and desktop apps, all written in Kotlin.
Multiplatform Kickstarter is an opinionated template based in Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) and Compose Multiplatform.
Google is piloting an experimental Android WebView Media Integrity API with select embedded media providers early next year.
The 1.5.10 release of Compose Multiplatform provides support for Kotlin 1.9.20, offers simplified onboarding, introduces a new portal for documentation, and provides many more features.
The Kotlin 1.9.20 release is out, the K2 compiler for all the targets is now in Beta, and Kotlin Multiplatform is now Stable.
Google announced that the Telecom jetpack library is now in alpha for developers who already have or are interested in creating voice and video calling applications.
The public release of Credential Manager is now available. It brings the future of authentication to Android, simplifying how users sign in to their apps and websites, and at the same time, making it more secure.
Kotlin Multiplatform, an open-source technology that allows developers to share code across platforms while retaining the benefits of native programming, has become Stable and is now 100% ready for use in production.
Videos & Podcasts
learn how Spring Boot’s coroutine support can wipe out all the downsides of the “raw” WebFlux approach and provide you with the best of both worlds: reactive characteristics without complexity.
Rosario Fernandes and Alexander Nohe walk you through deploying a Cloud Function running in Kotlin to react and communicate with Firestore.
The Ultimate Guide to Android Splash Screen Animations - Splash API
Charfaoui Younes teaches how to use mockk library for advanced testing in Kotlin.
When is the right time to migrate an XML project to Compose? Philipp Lackner shares some opinions and experiences.
Tor and Romain chat with Aurimas Liutikas from the AndroidX team. Topics include performance tuning the AndroidX Gradle builds using configuration caching, local caching and remote caching, as well as tracking API compatibility using the Metalava tool.
The Kotlin 1.9.20 release is out, and the K2 compiler for all the targets is now in Beta.