Issue #596

November 12th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
This 2 part blog series by Alejandra Stamato covers a dive into the past, present and future of text fields in Jetpack Compose.
Bug Shake by Embrace is a 100% free tool that lets your beta testers report issues with just a quick shake of their device. Plus, it automatically captures and surfaces crashes with full technical detail. Try it out in your next release, and you’ll never go back to manual bug reports!
Donn Felker shares some thoughts on Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP), and why it may be destined for mediocrity.
Yves Kalume outlines key pre-deployment tasks to help you prepare your app for a successful launch.
RevenueCat provides a backend and a wrapper around Play Billing Library (and Apple's StoreKit) to make implementing and managing in-app purchases and subscriptions easy. Integrate in minutes. Try for free.
Download your Koin for Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) cheat sheet and start streamlining your development process today!
Michelle Clark describes how Google TV will require developers to provide a square app icon asset as part of the submitted TV app package in addition to the existing banner asset.
Sergio Sastre Florez shows how to build efficient Robolectric screenshot tests step by step.
Joe Birch dives into Android TV composables to learn how they can be used to create apps for TV.
Donovan LaDuke intends to leave the reader proficient enough to understand why and when to use Flows and be able to read code written with Flows.
Paul Hawke explores how the flexible API of Kermit allows integration with other platform logging frameworks.
Saurabh Arora explores the effective utilization of derivedStateOf through an example of hashtag validation, as well as highlighting some potential pitfalls encountered.
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Libraries & Code
Kermit is a Kotlin Multiplatform centralized logging utility
A library for simplifying Firestore listener callbacks to Kotlin flow and suspend function to easily manage and use callbacks.
Animated arrows in Jetpack Compose
A simple Compose library to print the reason for recomposition in your `Logcat` window.
Kotlin Cacheable is an annotation-based caching library for Kotlin Multiplatform
Google is introducing some new policies and programs (that will affect all developer) to boost app quality across the platform.
Meet Oliver and Abhas, co-founders of Bombay Play based in Bengaluru, India
JetBrains announces Amper, a tool for project configuration that works on top of Gradle.
JetBrains has launched a preview for Kotlin Multiplatform support in Fleet,
Videos & Podcasts
Charfaoui Younes shows how to combine multiple Kotlin flows using custom operators in different ways.
Explore the fascinating world of Kotlin Sets and learn how to harness their unique features to solve various programming challenges.
Go through some practical examples of how to implement animations in Jetpack Compose, such as working with gestures to control animations and how to do state based animations.
Dave Leeds teams up with special guest Igor Wojda to demonstrate how the Konsist static code analysis tool can be used to ensure consistency in a codebase, as they write assertions for a simple REST service.
Philipp Lackner examines one-time events being sent into Channels or SharedFlows. Is that okay or is it considered an anti-pattern as some articles suggest?
Yanneck Reiß explores how Compose Multiplatform enables you to build dynamic, fully-functional iOS & Android apps using a single, 100% Kotlin codebase.
In this latest exhilarating episode, Rahul Ravikumar from Google dives deep into the world of Android app performance optimization.
Lena Stepanova, a KMP developer, tells us about her love of languages, both programming and spoken, shares tips for studying software development, and in an ATOM first, demos her tutorial, KMPizza.
Watch these short demos that showcase what’s new, what’s possible, and how you can solve your biggest app development challenges with Firebase.
Playlist of tutorials covering every aspect of Gradle.
Join Domi and Jose live, as they talk to Nicholas Cowles about the new dynamic button on Google Pay. They will guide you through an integration using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose.