Issue #597

November 19th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Alejandra Stamato's 2 part series covers a dive into the past, present, and future of text fields in Jetpack Compose with the brand new BasicTextField2.
Caleb King shares how Kotlin Multiplatform simplifies shipping both Android and iOS apps from a single codebase.
Bug reporting should be as simple as shaking your device to get the complete user experience that led up to the issue. And now it is! Bug Shake is 100% free, so try it out in your next prerelease build to solve bugs and crashes faster than you ever thought possible.
The data structure is known as LeftRight and it's here to give you an alternative to those pesky locks that everyone wraps around shared mutable state.
Learn how Koin's readiness for Kotlin 2.0 and the K2 compiler is a testament to their commitment to the Kotlin ecosystem.
Ian G. Clifton announces new composables for large-screen optimizations.
A look at the Android Runtime and optimizations that reduce code size without impacting performance.
Eevis Panula covers content descriptions, what they are, how to write them, and how you can set them in Jetpack Compose.
Donovan LaDuke continues the series, taking a look at SharedFlow which has several key differences when compared to Flows.
Alex Zhukovich examines several different types of UI tests, and how they can be applied.
When it comes to displaying content in Android TV, Joe Birch shows how we can use Card components to display items within a collection of content.
Paul Blundell's correct & complete settings to configure the Java version in Gradle for Android.
Mike Yerou examines the evolution of Android development which has been a journey from a chaotic, unstructured landscape to a more organized and standardized environment.
One of the least understood issues for developers is ANR errors. To remedy this Google just published a detailed and comprehensive guide to help you diagnose and fix ANR.
Saqib takes a look at the steps to perform migration from Kapt to KSP.
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Libraries & Code
Jetpack Compose utility library for capturing Composable content and transforming it into Bitmap Image
A read optimised concurrent map for Kotlin Multiplatform
Jetpack Compose Multiplatform library that allows you to implement dynamic transition animations such as shared element transitions.
Here’s a sneak preview of the product news we’ll be sharing to help you grow successful, long-term businesses on Google Play.
Since Google launched Play Games on PC beta last year, the product has seen a tremendous amount of growth.
The Android 13 release of the Desktop AVD is now available within Android Studio. To test using this emulator, create a new virtual device.
The Kotlin Developer Survey #2 is open! Share your opinions about the language itself, IDEs, libraries, and build tools. Your answers will help us to prioritize our efforts in making the language and tools even better and more convenient for you to use.
JetBrains aims to deliver a host of further improvements to the core Kotlin Multiplatform technology, Compose Multiplatform, KMP tooling, and KMP libraries in 2024. Read on to learn what they’re planning and our priorities in these areas.
Videos & Podcasts
VIdeos of the presentations from droidcon London 2023
Dive into the intricate world of microservices with the latest episode of Talking Kotlin, hosted by Sebastian and Hadi.
Learn how to create and use custom savers in Jetpack Compose with Charfaoui Younes.
Marcin Moskała walks us through the path to becoming an educator, what are the skills required, and how to make it profitable.
Philipp Lackner teaches how you can animate your app's logo on the splash screen with the official Splash Screen API.
5 big updates in 5 minutes. Learn how Google is helping you grow & engage your audience, create best-in-class experiences, and level-up monetization & safety on Google Play.
Delve into the intricacies of Android app architecture with our special guests, Zac and Josh. Get ready to explore the frameworks and strategies that will transform the way you build and design Android apps.