Issue #598

November 26th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Jesse Wilson discusses why you should make your API idempotent.
Shake your app, report it fast / Shake your app, show me what you’re working with! Perfect your app pre-launch with free bug and crash reporting from Embrace. Beta testers report issues with just a quick shake of their device. You see full technical context - watch yourself!
Radhika provides an in-depth guide to Jetpack Compose gesture handling.
Nirbhay Pherwani goes beyond the basics with a practical and amusing journey through Kotlin’s generics.
Alex Forrester examines inline value classes in Kotlin.
Sven Nähler embarks on an adventure to revamp Kotlin code handling diverse events. All this enhances performance and style, making the code sleeker, more maintainable, and a joy to work with.
Nek.12 expands on a comment about handling one-off events fired from a view model.
Want to use the latest versions of Compose, but your app compileSdk is falling behind? Paul Blundell shows how to work around a compile issue.
FunkyMuse introduces a new type-safe navigation library for Jetpack Compose.
Donovan LaDuke continues the series, examining the final Flow type: StateFlow, which is a child of SharedFlow.
Eevis Panula shares her experiences with the Women Developer Academy Europe program.
Joe Birch takes a look at some alternative composables designed specifically for Android TV apps, and why we should be using these over the already available variants.
Nirbhay Pherwani explores tail recursion in Kotlin, with practical insights through real-world examples.
The Koin developers are actively seeking enthusiastic and knowledgeable Koin enthusiasts who are dedicated to fostering the growth and widespread adoption of Koin. To become a Koin Community Lead, you should check out this article.
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Libraries & Code
Type-safe navigation library for Jetpack Compose
Lint checks for assertk users
Kotlin 1.9.21 is out! This update addresses a variety of issues, including regression problems, as well as a fix for Kotlin Multiplatform libraries. Additionally, Kotlin 1.9.21 introduces kapt compatibility with JDK21.
Videos & Podcasts
Svetlana Isakova and Márton Braun discuss how KMP works, how to apply its flexibility to your diverse projects, and how to get the most out of it.
Philipp Lackner shows how you can take an existing native Android project in Android Studio and migrate it to Kotlin Multiplatform, so you can use the app on iOS as well.
Learn about what's involved in configuring your development environment, creating a Multiplatform Mobile project, and progressing to a more elaborate project that shares the data and networking layers.
Charfaoui Younes teaches how to simplify the usage of transactions with The Room database.
Philipp Lackner shares what the new Google Play policy is about and why it may be concerning to smaller developers.
The top six biggest announcements from Firebase Demo Day, including Duet AI in Firebase, AI-powered automated app testing, Firebase Hosting’s integration with Project IDX, and more!
Learn about shared element transition animations in Android with Jetpack Compose.
Ever wondered about Molecule in Jetpack Compose? This latest chat with Jake Wharton has you covered!