Issue #599

December 3rd, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Thomas Künneth shows how to build a temporary animated column section header in Jetpack Compose.
RevenueCat provides a backend and a wrapper around Play Billing Library (and Apple's StoreKit) to make implementing and managing in-app purchases and subscriptions easy. Integrate in minutes. Try for free.
This blog post explains what the Compose Compiler plugin is, how it works, and how it is used at NordVPN.
Marcin Moskała takes a close look at KSP, a powerful tool that programming libraries can use to generate code based on annotations or our own definitions.
Prashant walks through setting up an app with DI, networking, and data paging in a cross-platform manner.
Mirzamehdi Karimov shares how to implement push notifications using Firebase in Kotlin Multiplatform (targeting iOS and Android platforms).
Learn from Google Developer Experts in Firebase, Women Techmakers, and beyond, about their favorite Google tools.
Sinasamaki creates a colorful and animated pull to refresh indicator in Jetpack Compose.
Gustavo Fão Valvassori introduces how to get started with Compose for Web using the HTML version.
If you maintain your own media picker in your app, Joe Birch shows how to add support for Android's new approach to media permissions.
Nirbhay Pherwani shares an insightful guide to avoiding common Kotlin pitfalls and writing idiomatically beautiful code.
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Libraries & Code
Advanced Jetpack Compose bottom sheet for segmented sizing and non-modal type, similar to Google Maps
Google is back with the third annual Women in Machine Learning Symposium on December 7, 2023!
Learn how developers recently integrated Baseline Profiles, a profile-guided optimization that helps Android developers improve an app's startup and runtime performance
Google has announced the stable release of Android Studio Hedgehog: The official IDE for building Android apps!
Convert any Android Vector Drawable XML to SVG
Videos & Podcasts
🌲 Participate in Advent of Code 2023 using Kotlin and win prizes! 🌲
Learn how to set up your Android app to switch to PiP mode with some extra user experience bonus on top.
Dive into the dynamic world of Android development with Colin White, the creator of the widely acclaimed Coil library. Enjoy the discussions on the latest developments, insights, and the exciting roadmap for Coil.
Yanneck Reiß explores the basic use cases for a navigation system with the power and flexibility of the Voyager library for Kotlin Multiplatform / Compose Multiplatform.
Philipp Lackner teaches how you can implement shared navigation with the Decompose library for your Kotlin Multiplatform project. (iOS + Android)
Charfaoui Younes teaches about a nice library developed by the Square team to test our implementation of Retrofit in an efficient way.
Enjoy this engaging episode with a dive into the intricacies of LeakCanary with special guest, Pierre-Yves Ricau. Discover how this powerful tool can detect memory leaks in your Android applications, directly enhancing performance and reliability.
Nicola Corti talks with Emilio Coppola, Executive Director of the Godot Foundation. He’s here to tell us about Godot, the open-source game engine that’s been making waves in the development world.
Learn more about how Android Studio Hedgehog can help supercharge your developer productivity.