Issue #601

December 17th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
Nirbhay Pherwani shares many examples of building creative animations with Compose in Android.
We analyzed the aggregate stability data for the top apps in the world to shed light on the current state of mobile app stability and provide a benchmark for mobile teams to set the right targets on their path to excellence. This gives us unprecedented insight into what makes for the most successful qualities of the world’s biggest and best apps. Download the Mobile App Stability Outlook Benchmark Report and see how your app stacks up to industry benchmarks.
Juan Mengual describes one of the not-so-obvious risks that you need to understand when using Flows.
Sinasmaki creates a bottom navigation bar in a glassmorphic design style using the new Haze library by Chris Banes.
Donovan LaDuke considers how building passive UI with state changes tracked separately might make a better Composable.
Manuel Vivo aims to summarise the Android Developer guidance on the UI layer, explore all the entities involved in it, understand the role each part plays, and discuss best practices.
Pavel Gorgulov introduces Kandy, a new Kotlin plotting library by JetBrains. It provides a new, powerful DSL for creating charts of various kinds.
Max Kach shares the experience of implementing a release train and what problems led to implementing it.
The Koin crew recaps the 2023 milestones of the Kotlin Integration Framework.
FunkyMuse shows how to read and write preferences on multiple platforms using the KMP DataStore library.
Mike Yerou introduces some of the fundamental components, providing a basic overview and practical examples for developing with Jetpack Compose.
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Libraries & Code
Kotlin/Compose Multiplatform project to show climate related emission data from
Kotlin Multiplatform library for Compose Multiplatform, designed for seamless integration of an image picker feature in iOS and Android applications
Android Picture-in-Picture feature helper library
The androidx.compose.material3:material3-window-size-class library is available for Jetpack Compose, but it is not currently available for Compose Multiplatform. This library changes that, by providing the WindowSizeClass for many of the platforms supported by Compose Multiplatform.
KotlinConf Global returns next year, in May. This means that no matter where you are in the world, you can join us in celebrating all things Kotlin
Google has introduced new ways for Android developers to access the Gemini Pro model – which runs off-device, in Google's data centers.
Videos & Podcasts
Timo Drick demystifies the art of writing pixel shaders. Learn the ins and outs of AGSL syntax, important features, and advanced techniques that will help you create fascinating graphical effects and animations.
Learn more about how Android Studio Hedgehog can help supercharge your developer productivity.
Philipp Lackner considers if it's a good idea to use the Navigation Library in Jetpack Compose.
Dive into the world of Kotlin Multiplatform with three special guests, Mike Nakhimovich, Yigit Boyar, and Matthew Ramotar, the minds behind the popular library 'Store' — a Kotlin Multiplatform library for building network-resilient applications.
Covers updates on the most capable AI model yet Gemini, ML Kit Subject Segmentation API, Android Studio Hedgehog, articles, videos, and more!
Cloud Functions allows you to write server code that responds to events. You can respond to HTTP requests and events from within the Firebase ecosystem.