Issue #602

December 24th, 2023
Articles & Tutorials
In this second part of a series, Mike Yerou helps you understand how the state works in Compose.
Marcin Moskała explains how exposing Kotlin code to JavaScript is not that simple, but it’s possible, and it makes a lot of sense in some cases.
Styling your UI is a very important part of any application. This article explores how to style our Compose Web components.
Time for Part 2! Manuel Vivo covers state holders and other UI layer-related topics such as where to hoist state and save UI state on Android.
Megh Lath goes through setting up ExoPlayer with Media3 to support live streaming and how to integrate an audio equalizer to provide users with a personalized audio experience.
When the width of the widget is too small, Compose scales down the corner radius proportionally. ZhangKe shows a way to avoid this if your designs require it.
Mirzamehdi Karimov shares how to implement Google Sign-In in Kotlin Multiplatform.
Remove unnecessary feature requirements that prevent users from downloading your app on devices that don’t support the features.
Donovan LaDuke shares an approach to tiling image backgrounds in Jetpack Compose.
Colin Lee aims to share insights and to help guide others in finding a simpler path with the Compose Destinations library.
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Celebrate two years of Material Theme Builder with a major update including Color Match.
Libraries & Code
A KSP library that processes annotations and generates code that uses Official Jetpack Compose Navigation under the hood.
Kotlin Code Coverage Toolset
The Koin crew shares the exciting roadmap that lies ahead for Koin in 2024.
As we approach the end of 2023, Anirudh Dewani, Director of Android Developer Relations takes a moment to reflect on all that we've accomplished together as a community, and sends a huge *thank you* for all of your work!
From Lisbon to Dubai, let’s meet the creators behind the game-changing apps supporting communities, bringing innovation and joy to people.
The 2.0.1 update for SQLDelight is out now and features a crucial bug fix addressing thread safety issues in Kotlin Native.
Videos & Podcasts
Is recursion always evil? Max Sidorov takes a look at various recursion optimization methods and measures them.
Deciding what is the right architecture for your mobile application can be a challenging task, as there are many options that popped-up over the time.
Philipp Lackner shows how you can optimize your performance with Stable and Immutable in Jetpack Compose
Let's hear how HoYoverse and Netmarble grow their business by serving multi-lingual users on Google Play.
Tor, Romain, and Chet talk about some of the many things that happened this year in the world of Android development, including new devices and form factors, tool improvements, AndroidX features and libraries, and Jetpack Compose releases