Issue #604

January 7th, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
John O'Reilly examines how to integrate Google’s new Gemini Generative AI into a Kotlin Multiplatform project.
Donovan LaDuke describes an example of disambiguating a function reference and where it would be needed.
Mike Yerou explores how to tailor themes, including dark and light themes, typography, and colors, in Jetpack Compose.
Rasul Aghakishiyev demonstrates how to implement a feature where the user can draw an area on a map in Jetpack Compose.
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Ksenia Toloknova explores the most common navigation practices in the market as of the end of 2023.
Looking for someone to join us as one of the first members of the Android team. This means participating in all design and product decisions of the early days of product centric company.
Libraries & Code
AnimatedBottomBarCompose is a Jetpack Compose library that simplifies the creation of stylish Bottom Navigation Bars with customizable animations
ComposeRecyclerView enables seamless integration of Jetpack Compose composables within traditional RecyclerView.
The plugin streamlines the generation of a unified code coverage report across multi-module Android projects.
Kotlin Multiplatform sample that uses Gemini Generative AI APIs. Runs on Android, iOS, Desktop and Wasm based Compose for Web.
Videos & Podcasts
Eric Ampire delves into the intricacies of Android System Services, offering an in-depth exploration of their architecture, functionalities, and practical applications.
Jov Mit shows how you can create and use live templates inside IntelliJ/Android Studio.
Philipp Lackner shows you the top 3 secret Jetpack Compose Modifiers you probably didn't know about!
Nate Ebel sets up a new GitHub Project for the project built live. Learn how to work with GitHub Issues and GitHub Projects to build a kanban board for tracking work.
Learn how to build a complete one-page website with Kotlin and Compose HTML in less than 30 Minutes!
Francois Légaré and Etienne Caron's presentation about creating a remote-presence, high-performance model car racing experience for the Montreal Formula One Grand Prix.
Nav Singh presents on developing and testing accessible Android apps.