Issue #606

January 21st, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
This post examines an effort in auditing and inventing a “lite” test configuration — a configuration for disabling unnecessary Gradle tasks, resulting in faster unit test compilation time.
Mobile engineers need a better way to address ANRs! Grab your copy of this ebook to discover strategies to accurately detect and swiftly resolve ANRs before they impact users.
Romain Guy examines how HashMap can be better optimized when used in a library such as Jetpack Compose that needs high performance and efficiency.
Iñaki Villar examines build speed improvements with Gradle 8.5, which fully supports compiling, testing and running on Java 21.
Hadi Dortaj introduces four valuable editor-based tools in Android Studio/IntelliJ IDEA that might not be widely known among developers.
Saqib shows how CompositionLocal is used to pass data through Composables implicitly.
Google announced the launch of new features that make it more seamless to cast on Android.
Jay Whitsitt shows how it's easier than ever to integrate purpose-built machine learning into your applications.
Keeping a baseline profile up to date is only half of the problem. You also need to make sure the profile is working as expected. Sagar Viradiya shows how to automate this process.
Annyce Davis shows why you should use A/B tests to prove or disapprove assumptions about any changes to your app’s experience.
Eevis Panula continues the series, this time looking into reading and writing data with Health Connect.
Joe Birch explores custom actions and shows how we can add them to our own share sheets.
Dennis Bordet looks at using Maestro for application development checking in the deepest screen of your app.
Donovan LaDuke examines two ways to perform boolean operations in Kotlin, and how they are mostly the same with one key difference.
Dave Leeds presents Chapter 16 of Kotlin: An Illustrated Guide, looking at Sealed Types. Learn all of the essential concepts behind sealed classes and sealed interfaces!
Jaewoong explores the key components of Jetpack Compose, such as Compose UI, State, Side-effects, and CompositionLocal, along with strategies for migrating to Compose.
Pierre-Yves Ricau demystifies the internals of DI libraries.
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Based on the learnings from the pilots and positive feedback from users and developers, Google Play will begin supporting more RMG apps this year, including game types and operators not covered by an existing licensing framework.
A look at indie game developers Geoffrey Mugford and Samuli Pietikainen.
Videos & Podcasts
Nate Ebel sets up a Gradle Version Catalog for Gradle dependency management and then walks through Ktor routing basics.
Amit Shekhar discusses the lateinit and lazy properties in Kotlin.
Protect your data against accidental deletion or writes in your database with Point-in-time recovery in Firestore that just became generally available.
Philipp Lackner shows how to do an App Performance Analysis with the Android Studio Profiler.
Frank van Puffelen and Martin Omander discuss the top Google Cloud tips for Firebase developers.
Amit Shekhar explains the internal visibility modifier in Kotlin with an example.
Daniel Atitienei's quick look at some new adaptive layouts in Jetpack Compose.