Issue #608

February 4th, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
Reza considers Flipper, Chucker, Android Studio, and ADB to see which is the best tool to inspect API calls.
Bouncing back and forth between tools, chasing down marketing for copy and stakeholders for sign-offs, clicking around gingerly in Play Console… productivity, happiness, and general sanity suffer. Learn what makes mobile releases a silent killer and how Runway can help.
Tolga Pirim explains why sometimes Compose cannot skip a composable function and how to improve performance in this case.
Michal Ankiersztajn shows how to define and use one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships in Android Room.
Android Devs, come learn how to find and fix the root cause of mobile crashes. Your app rating will thank you. Save your spot now.
Bruno Hensel examines code generation (via KSP) to ease the process using @Binds annotation to create aliases to a particular type.
Vram Voskanyan introduces PreviewGenerator for simplifying data class Preview creation for Jetpack Compose previews.
Robert Baricevic-Petrus uses animations to teach how Kotlin Flows work.
This article provides an example of using a Slack Circuit style Composable Presenter with native views (SwiftUI/Jetpack Compose) for iOS and Android.
Narayan Panthi shares this Android Jetpack Compose guide for beginners.
Sassan Haradji demonstrates how to set up the PDFPlum Firebase Extension to automatically generate PDFs whenever a new document is created or updated in a specified Firestore collection.
Josias Sena thoroughly examines the Kotlin Timing API, focusing on “Duration” and “ValueTimeMark.”
Kotlin standard library is a wonderful set of APIs, but it sometimes hides… interesting surprises. Romain Guy looks at the seemingly simple minOf() and maxOf() functions.
Donovan LaDuke explains the three main layers of a standard layered architecture: Display (UI), Domain (Business), and Data (API/Persistence), and how they relate to one another.
Eevis Panula looks into accessibility font size and what problems might appear if different font sizes are not tested and accommodated.
Thomas Künneth attempts to enhance the app pair feature in the Be Nice app to support pairs across profiles.
Zarah Dominguez enhances a script that wraps ADB and presents a list when multiple devices are attached.
Joe Birch takes a quick dive into what the aspectRatio modifier is and how we can make use of it in our projects.
Kashif Mehmood goes through the major changes in resources under Compose 1.6.0-beta01, and shows how to migrate to the new way.
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Libraries & Code
PreviewGenerator: Simplifying Data class Preview creation for Jetpack Compose previews.
Google has introduced a new tool that will prompt users to update, bringing them closer to the app experience you intended to deliver.
Recently Google launched Project IDX, an experimental, cloud-based workspace for full-stack, multiplatform software development, and now there are several enhancements available.
Videos & Podcasts
Amit Shekhar teaches the meaning of the reified keyword in Kotlin
In this webinar, Garth Gilmour shares his top tips for success and discusses how to be prepared for whatever life throws at you on the day of your conference talk.
Stevdza-San examines some Jetpack Navigation logic to avoid.
Nate Ebel continues the series on Ktor, stubbing out REST endpoints using Ktor, exploring the basics of routing, and working through setting up content negotiation using kotlinx.serialization.
Philipp Lackner shows all the must-know changes in the new Android Studio Hedgehog.
Marina talks about the best practices when sending FCM messages at scale. These concepts and practices can help you avoid negative impacts when you need to send large volumes of messages.
Alex Vanyo takes us on a journey through building a dynamic List-Detail layout using a split TwoPane composable. Discover the flexibility of dragging a handle to seamlessly switch between list, detail, or both panes.
Learn how Kotlin code is compiled to WebAssembly, its performance benefits, and how to build a UI using Compose Multiplatform compiled with the Kotlin/Wasm toolchain.