Issue #61

May 13th, 2013

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Google Plus Integration in Android (

In this post Ankit Thakkar explains how to integrate Google+ with your app. He explains all the necessary steps like registering your app in the Google developer console and he also shows some code.


Don’t Store Data in the Application Object (
Philippe Breault has written a nice blog post why you should not store any data in the Application object.

Clustering on Google Map V2 Part-1 (
This post explains how to do clustering with the Google Maps Extensions Library.

Calabash Android Automation Setup (
Do you want to automatically test your app? This article gets you started with setting up calabash for Android.

UndoBar (
The UI component for Android advanced UI pattern undo-bar.


Eventbrite Senior Android Mobile Engineer (San Francisco, CA)
We're looking for a mobile engineer to help build cutting-edge Android apps for Eventbrite. We're building the tools that allow event organizers to sell tickets or check in attendees right on their phone or tablet, and to allow attendees to check in at events.

Ebay Lead Engineer Mobile (Android) (m/f) (Berlin, Germany)
Lead Android Developer (m/f) for eBay: eBay Inc.'s apps have been downloaded more than 100,000,000 times across the globe.Show your passion and develop state-of-the-art native Android apps within an entrepreneurial mobile development team.

Jimdo Android Developer (Hamburg, Germany)
Do you love the Android platform so much that your skin is turning green? Help to kick start Android development at Jimdo and build the ultimate Android experience for our users.

Libraries & Code

Android Maps Extensions (
This library extends GoogleMap and related objects from Google Maps Android API v2. The most notable features are: Marker Clustering and ability to carry model data within markers (and other visual objects) to be retrieved as needed.

Java7-on-Android (
If you want to use some of the Java7 right now on Android you can do this with this hack. Please read the instructions carefully since not all the features of Java7 are supported.

Better bash completion for adb (
In one of the past issues we've covered a bash completion for adb. The Cyanogenmod github repository has an even better version of it. Just source the bash file in your .profile or .bash_profile.

Siminov Android ORM (
Siminov ORM is a open source Object/Relational Mapping solution for Android environments. It maps data from an object model representation to a relational data model representation (and visa versa). Unfortunately we don't see any tests in the repository so we don't know how stable or robust the library is.


Link Bild AndroidDev people you should follow (

The guys from cleancode have put together a brief list of Android developers that you need to follow on Twitter, Google+ or Github if you want to be connected to the development scene.


Android Toolbox

Link Bild Android Weekly Toolbox! (

Choosing the right libraries to get things done can be a tough job. We've compiled a lot of them that we've found during the last years of Android development.