Issue #611

February 25th, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
Tomáš Repčík considers ways to replace test tags with semantics that bring more than just testing capabilities.
Grab your copy of our latest report, with results found in a survey of 1,000+ global mobile app builders, including engineers, engineering managers, CTOs, and VPs. Discover their priorities and pain points, how these factors affect app building, and how you can leverage the key take-aways to improve your mobile app.
Narayan Panthi's deep dive into Compose Navigation with nested, multiple backstack & dialog navigation.
You may not realize it, but mobile engineers are likely treated as second-class citizens in your org. The steady stream of busywork required to get an app shipped is a huge time and resource sink that gets shrugged off because it’s just how things work. This status quo isn’t good enough. Read why.
Victor Caveda dives into the nitty-gritty of dockerizing your Android build tasks — the foundation of a Cloud-based CI.
Yury takes a look at possible implementations of a design component and how to find a balance making Compose components both easy to use and enforce design system guidelines.
Udit Verma plays with the Kotlin concept of variance and shows how it can be applied to an implementation.
Rahul Ray takes a look at implementing a very often used UI design called overlapping list.
Ruslan Myhal examines container transform, an animation pattern that transforms one container into another, typically using a shared element to connect two UI elements.
Ishan Vohra considers why preferences Datastore is slow, but you should still choose it over Shared Preferences.
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Libraries & Code
Draw Wear OS Watch Faces with Compose Canvas (& runtime)
Videos & Podcasts
Dave Leeds checks out Kotlin 1.9's new experimental HexFormat class and its related functions!
Learn about Voyager, a navigation solution for Compose Multiplatform.
Learn how to implement a smooth onboarding process for your Android app using Anonymous Authentication and Account Linking.
Tor, Romain, and Chet talk about one of Tor’s favorite topics: Lint.
Priya Sindkar explores various techniques for using Jetpack Compose Previews to build and test state-of-the-art Android apps across different form factors.
Nate Ebel continues stubbing out REST endpoints using Ktor in this series of livecasts.
Philipp Lackner shows you the difference of derivedStateOf VS. remember(key).